November 13, 2018

Convention Season Comes To A Close (and it's time for me to re-update the convention schedule page)

Long time, no see since....erm. Hrm. Yeah February. Whew. Clearly I got real busy during that time! I'm still working on Patreon stuffs, Etsy stuffs, and finally comic things. I got wrangled into helping with some cool cosplay stuff too, and crunched out some outfits during this time.

Needless to say, it's been busy.

I've had a difficult time doing art for a good chunk of the year :side eyes TalOS:, but that's for health reasons, and I'm hoping that soon I should be able to get back into the swing of things. It's nothing (mostly) physical, and perhaps soon I'll do some chatting about it here on the blog.

I also think I want to do a product highlight in the lead up to the Holiday Shopping Season, cause that sounds fun and I can go way more in depth here than in my little Etsy blurbs ;)


In the meanwhile, here's where you can find me in various places:

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Instagram: @karmada_arts, @karmada_cosplay, @thedailymortimer (my cute dog!)

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