February 12, 2018

Artist Alley Retrospective: Evolution of a Table

Wanna hop back in time and see a little bby artist alley table? No? Too bad, gonna do it anyway!

Artist Alley tables have come a LOOOOONG way from their early times, and especially in what is considered a "good" set up.  I'm gonna hide a lot of these under a "read more" so I don't inundate people with all the big photos right away. (I'm also lazy and don't want to have to click on every picture, so I figured you wouldn't want to either).


  1. These are all pictures of my own artist alley booths over time. Hence why I drew all over the dang things and made snarky commentary. I would NEVER use another booth as a critique/show point without asking the artist first. (Now if you're in my background, sorry about that! I try to get as little of other people in my pics as possible)
  2. There is no One True Table for you to have. Everybody's table is different. Also, the types of shows people go to are different. You might set your table up a little differently at an Anime Convention vs a Comic Convention (at least I do).
  3. Got a question about stuff? Leave a comment! I'm working on a post about what you need to start out and/or useful display items you might want to use!

(CLICK ON THE READ MORE - It's hard to see!)