January 8, 2018

Patreon is Finally Up!

I had decided that 2018 was gonna finally be my year of "Honeybadger Don't Care" and go and start the things I had been holding back. It seems I'm not entirely alone in this, because a lot of the creatives I've been following in various social medias have been also taking plunges back into their own creative endeavors!

First off, I want to say I'm proud of you. It's hard pushing yourself to do the thing that's had you scared.

And I was scared too! BUT I DID THE THING.

What thing?

I finally created my own Patreon, to help with supporting me in making even more arts, and in a way giving me deadlines and keeping me honest about my own schedules! Not that I'm not honest, it's more that sometimes deadlines will woosh by if I don't have people other than me kind of looking over my shoulder. (I'm sure we're all familiar with the woosh of deadlines going by!)


I had been rolling around back and forth on what I wanted to do with Patreon, and I'm sure we've all heard of the kerfluffle that went on late 2017 about Patreon working to change it's fee structure - but that had a happy ending and they went back to the way it was before and while it's not perfect, it's definitely more ideal than what they were trying to push through.

If you too, are interested in helping support my artworks and comics, please - drop by my Patreon! Every little bit counts and I wanna know what YOU, the audience, wants to see!

You can find me at:

Keep up the good work y'all, and get out there and CREATE!

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