January 15, 2018

General Updates of the Art Kind

Greetings! It's our favorite Social Media Monday, so I'm here with another post about more neat things I'm releasing into the internets.

If you've been a part of the Patreon, I released a link last week, that I'm now showing off here:

I have a YouTube Channel!

Certainly that's one heck of a link, but don't worry just yet - apparently I can get a custom name after 30 days or I get 100 subscribers. Subscribing is totally free - and if I'm remembering correctly, you'll get email updates when I add videos to it!

My first video (which egads took me a while to figure out Adobe Premiere Elements), is just a peaceful, watch-along video while I color in an Artist Trading Card of Princess Peach!

I've got some pleasant music, and I make sure to list what markers I'm using when. As always, I would love to know if this is a kind of video you'd like to see, or if there are other types of videos from me you'd like!


This weekend I have a small local convention coming up - WASHI CON! It takes place at Eastern Michigan University and is just one day. I'll be there this time with my art table, and I'll be a judge for the costume contest!

This may or may not be a set up of my booth. Items are same though!


Yeah, you read that right! I have a big ol massive post I need to write about my comicking problems from last year as I had an accidental hiatus for Way Too Long. But! With my current output of other arts, I'm set to having pages up and ready around January 29. 

Gonna get through this fight sequence! Gonna get exciting!

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  1. Yesss!! I cannot wait to see you at Washicon! And I'm so excited for all that's coming up~~