July 19, 2017

*brushes dust off the blog* Oh hey! A POST!

Greetings! Long time no post - and nobody is surprised by this point, I'm sure, haha! Anyway, I wanted to at least try to get back on the horse again as I try to figure out just what I wanna put on here these days. I've missed like a bajillion convention reviews, so I may just consider them Lost to the Aether and start anew with future conventions.

Speaking of conventions and things - I'm back up and doing artist alleys again this year (it's a slow opening), as well as still promoting book stuff!

Things I'll be involved in very soon:



Out in Shaumburg IL this year, is the 10th (and final??) year of SoyCon! I've been invited to be a guest presenter talking about How To Masquerade! If you're in the area, stop by and say hi!



THAT'S RIGHT KIDDOS! I am gonna be at Barnes and Noble signing books in the GR area on Saturday July 29! Like, I get to be legit author and I'm super pumped, so come see me talk about how to make cosplay things!



After that, things kinda cool down a bit for me convention wise and will let me get back to talking about artist alley stuff. I've been wanting to talk about updated pricing, selling, set ups and more - the State of Artist Alleys has changed a LOT since I last did tutorials so I'd like to take the time to review and update those posts! :)