March 14, 2017


It's a new year, and a new Convention Season about to start up! Well, at least it's that time for me - I tend to count my Con Season begin with the first "major" convention that I do (which varies from year to year, either Katsucon or Shuto Con are the usual candidates).

So here I am to tell you where I'll be headed this year on a "Kind of a Tour But Not Actually a Tour" because I'll be having my books with me, along with my artwork depending on what I'll be doing at the show. And if that's not confusing already, I'll be doing a mixture of Guest Presenting and Vending, so you may need to take notes (I promise there won't be a quiz)!
The following is a mostly comprehensive list (until I get some updates from other shows I'm waiting on. TBA usually means I'm trying to get further information but there's a decent chance I'll be there). Is there a show you think I should be at/vend at? LET ME KNOW! Also, if you'd like to see me as a guest somewhere - let THEM know they can contact me - check out my regular site:!

Shuto Con - Lansing MI - Presenting

Original Sewing & Quilting Expo - Cleveland OH - Presenting, Book Signing
Indiana Comic Con - Indianapolis IN - Visiting
C2E2 - Visiting
Penguicon - Southfield MI

Anime Park - Canton MI - TBA
Anime Central - Rosemont IL - Presenting, Vending

Colossalcon - Sandusky OH - TBA
JAFAX - Grand Rapids, MI - TBA

Indy Pop Con - Indianapolis IN - Vending
Motor City Steam Con - Romulus MI - Attending
Dokidokon - Kalamazoo MI - Attending/Assisting Vendors

Gen Con - Indianapolis IN - Attending

TBA (I'm waiting to hear on some shows)

Grand Rapids Comic Con - Grand Rapids MI - Guest/Presenting

Youmacon - Detroit MI - TBA

WHEW! That's a hearty list! And I'm sure I'll be adding to this as time goes by. I'm also going to work on adding these to the conventions page on the blog, juuuuust in case you wanted to check it out at any later time!

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