February 14, 2017

New Year, New Booth, New Blog Name, Etc!

New high score! Didn't post until mid February. ;)

As seems to be my new year tradition, I started out with some sort of medical issues fun. Don't worry I won't go into detail. Let's just say I had a lot of dental work from Christmas until now, and wow, I'm glad it's done. PROTIP: keep up with your dentist. Or do whatever you can to find one that isn't too expensive - because dang. ANYWAY, onto business!

Several things have happened in the Land of Karmada, one of the more "fun" ones being I am now a proud Dog Momma (as of December 1 2016). Let us all welcome Mortimer!:

my mom keeps buying me clothes
Why a dog you ask? WHAT AN EXCELLENT QUESTION - as I am a person who has never ever in her entire life owned a pet other than hamsters or fish. My husband, Dave, has had many dogs throughout his life, and has been helping me navigate the world o' dogs (I used to have a great fear of them), and I got him mostly for therapy type reasons. You see, having this little guy around during the day gives me somebody else in the house, and an adorable face to snuggle when I'm feeling down. Even if he's a butt sometimes.

He's an older dog we adopted, and oh my goodness what a little gentleman. I love him so much.


So, in the yearning to kind of stream all my stuff together I've finally shed the name Crash Bang Labs, and have now become Karmada Arts (akin to Karmada Cosplay)! So here's where you can find me at on the internet:

Costumes - facebook.com/karmadacosplay
Art - facebook.com/karmadaarts

Tumblr: karmada.tumblr.com

Twitter: @karmada_arts

Cosplay - @karmada_cosplay
Artwork - @karmada_arts

Main Website:

All of these are now listed on all my business cards as well, so no worries no matter which of my cards you pick up.


This year I'm not only doing the convention circuit teaching people about how to make cosplay AND artwork, but I'm rejoining the ranks of the Artist Alley. I'm in the process of getting all the business and legal stuff done and what not so I can do this Proper, With Taxes And Things.

Speaking of which, my first convention this year will be a small comic con nearby on Feb 24-25 (fri-sat), and I'm starting to redesign the booth, so this'll be test number one! If you're in the Metro Detroit Michigan area, it's the Great Lakes Comic Con at Macomb Community College, come by, say hi!


Don't worry, I'm still gonna *try* to get my convention reviews done (I'm already one behind, but I don't think I got any pics at it either because I was so swamped), but I'd like to do more general chatter, and some feels I have on things like cosplay and artist's alley stuff. If anybody has any requests for topics, LET ME KNOW!

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