November 30, 2016

Nearing the Year End and I have So Much To Talk About

Aside from it feeling like the world has been imploding around me, I still have a lot of things I wanted to cover here, but never got to it. These include, but are not limited to:

1.) RTX
2.) Glass City Con
3.) Grand Rapids Comic Con
4.) Youmacon
5.) Making Timeskip!Nora
6.) Art stuff!
7.) I am getting a dog
8.) My feels on a lot of art stuff, but we'll see how that goes

So needless to say, if I can get around to it I will be adding more - some retro-recaps if I remember and things. :)

[Shameless Self-Promotion Time!]

In the meantime, it's the Holiday season! Do you have cosplayers on your list, or anybody who is interested in learning how to sew garments? Did you know I wrote a book about how to do that? I did!

[End of Shameless Self-Promotion Time]

;D Have safe travels this holiday season, I'll be back soon!

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