October 13, 2016

New Fresh Name, Same Great Content!

You might have noticed the past week or so I made an update to all my websites. I'm officially switching names to Karmada Arts!

I decided to go ahead with the change because with things like the book (and I got interviewed in our metro newspaper), people are associating me with the name Karmada now. Which is exactly perfect! I've been using the name for years, and it works as a good Pen Name/Cosplay Name/Rockstar Name for me.

However, I realized that people would probably want to look me up by that name, and my art was under a TOTALLY different name. Thus, the change. Everything is now under a version of Karmada!

So here's an update of where you can find me:





Deviant Art:

I'm also on Snapchat, but I'm am honestly still figuring that one out because I am an Old now and this New Fangled Technology confuses me so. NO REALLY I don't get it, but I wanna understand it. I have a tutorial from a friend coming when she gets back from a trip. DON'T JUDGE ME.

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