October 19, 2016

Grand Rapids Comic Con - THIS WEEKEND!

Greetings, all! I've got some fun stuff planned for the blog up and coming (that's right, I've been planning for once), but I wanted to give you all an announcement!

This weekend, I'll be attending GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON as a guest speaker!



As a guest speaker, I'll be presenting 4 panels over the weekend:

(all panels will be in River Overlook D)

Found Item Cosplay
FRI 5:15 pm

Having troubles sewing a costume from the ground up? Maybe you don’t feel like creating everything from scratch? Never fear! Found-Item Cosplay can help! This seminar focuses on advice and suggestions on how to make costumes out of garments and supplies you find in your house, the thrift store, and more!

Intro to Cosplay Sewing
SAT 11:15 am

So you want to start making cosplay costumes – but aren’t sure where to start? Join Karmada Cosplay for a seminar focusing on the basics of how to choose a costume, pick patterns, some sewing basics and more! Ideal for the beginner cosplayer, but all are welcome!

Schlepping Cosplay Like a Pro
SAT 3:45 pm

Making a costume at the last minute? Hey me too! Join Karmada Cosplay to learn all sorts of techniques and basic designs that’ll get you a costume in a hurry. Topics covered will include how to create simple costume pieces from basic shapes, and some general sewing techniques to help you on all costumes. Recommended for intermediate to advanced cosplayers, but all are welcome!

Cosplay Level UP!
SUN 11:15 am

Want to take your cosplay to the next level? This panel focuses on more advanced construction techniques and other supplies that can make your costumes even better! Come and learn about fabric choices, some handy construction techniques, and learn a little bit about materials other than cloth. Great for intermediate to advanced cosplayers, but all are welcome!


Time for some shameless self promotion, eh? Word on the street is that I'll have a table to help promote the book, and my artwork, at the show!

I'll of course have copies of Epic Cosplay Costumes for sale ($25, btw), and I'm more than happy to sign them for people! I'll also have my comics, artbooks, and artist trading cards (prints and originals) for sale, and we'll see if I wanna bring anything else with me.

I'll see you there! :)

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