September 12, 2016

Books in the Wild!

Epic Cosplay Costumes is on Amazon now! Go here to check it out: (and leave a review if you enjoyed it!)

Before we return to our regularly scheduled blog posts, I wanted to make one last post about books! We're now in the throes of September and the books are officially "Out!"

They're real! *cue anxiety attack*

Books in the Wild - What Can Readers Help With?

So now that the books have manifested into reality, there's still some steps in the book process! Firstly, I want to know if you're making things!

Have you made a costume using these tutorials? 
If so, PLEASE! Send me a link to my cosplay page! ( I would love to start a gallery of people making use of these tutorials. I love seeing the creative work y'all come up with, so let me advertise you!

Did you enjoy the book, or have something you really liked about it? 
Leave a review! That means either on the Amazon page (see link at top), or at the Barnes and Noble website. By leaving your happy review, means that the publisher knows the book was a success! If it gets positive enough reviews and sales, there's a chance more cosplay books could be coming your way.

Share These Links!

Because it's not a huge distribution (yet), sharing any sorts of links, tumblr posts, twitter posts and the like are a BIG help! If you know people who might be interested in a book like this, SHARE the posts! I can be found at the following social media sites:

I have some other sites, but those are more art related, if you are interested they are here:

Once again, thank you so much for your support for Epic Cosplay Costumes! My hope is that I can help many more people enter the magical world of Cosplay. It's fun, educational, and FANTASTIC! So get out there, and start MAKING COSTUMES!


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