August 15, 2016

Epic Cosplay Costumes: Cosplay Wigs

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Other Pieces of a Costume

Many people see photos of fantastic cosplays and they get a tad overwhelmed, or unsure of how to create the same effects on their own. A common question I've gotten is actually about something OTHER than the costume pieces to make.

FUN FACT: Some of these wigs are based on ones I own ;)

The world of cosplay wigs has transformed from scrounging around on the internet and in Halloween stores hoping you can get something to vaguely work with (and use mysterious things like caulk or heat sealers - it was a dark time) to a big business! Technology has advanced so much that cosplay wigs are extremely easy to come across these days and can make your costuming even easier!

I wanted to introduce cosplayers who might not be familiar with some of the terminology or basics of wig finding/wearing. Let's be honest here - you can write an entire book on wigs alone (in fact, some people have!) - so I didn't want to get too mired in in-depth explanation, but more of a general overview so it's not so scary!

Side Note: I also wanted to mention that in this section I also talk about the fact that you don't have to wear a wig if you don't want to. This chapter is merely to introduce the inexperienced wig users with some handy info on how to wear and care for their colorful hairpieces!

How to Wear & Care For a Wig

This particular section in the book, while smaller, is here to provide you some interesting general information regarding wigs and their wear and care!

Throughout the chapter, I talk about supplies you'll want to have on hand if you're going to be wearing and/or styling wigs, as well as how to put ON a wig.

That's right! I'm going to tell you how to put a wig on your head - because I'll be the first to admit, I had no idea what I was doing back in the day. I explain what to do with your hair underneath (wear wig caps, people!), how to place a wig onto your head, even where you can sew in snap clips or where to place bobby pins.

Heat Styling! OH MY!

It's Not That Scary!

Cosplay wigs aren't as much of a scary thing any more, and they've made it 1000 times easier to find and style them than way in the past. I hope that when you peruse through this section, perhaps you too will find that cosplay wigs aren't as daunting as you once thought!

Places to Find Wigs

Here's a couple of my favorite online stores, with tons of colors and styles available!

Arda Wigs

Epic Cosplay Wigs

NEXT WEEK: A Special Section about Conventions

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