August 23, 2016

Epic Cosplay Costumes: Convention Survival Kit

Epic Cosplay Costumes is set to be released in stores September 1st of this year, and you can get it on Amazon now! Go here to check it out:

Cosplay is More Than Just Sewing

Epic Cosplay Costumes (ECC) is at it's core, a book about how to make costume pieces that can be used to create many types of cosplay. However, as you've noticed throughout the last several posts I've made regarding the book, I included a whole bunch of other topics that can be helpful in creating and wearing the costumes of your dreams!

I wanted to save this introduction for last, because it's one that I feel very passionately about:


That's right. You've probably seen em on TV, in the news, and so forth, but one of the biggest places people take and wear cosplay are to conventions!

So far, from my knowledge there is no actual "Stuff Con"
It a convention... about STUFF. Stuff you like!
Like anime. Or comics.

Convention Survival Kit

Conventions can seem big, scary, and intimidating, but many of us want to visit one(and cosplay too). To a fledgling con-goer (or their parents), all the sign ups, travel and set up to even get ready to go to a convention can be very confusing or overwhelming.

I wanted to use this section to give the general ins and outs about what it takes to actually get to and participate in an actual convention. While they're all different, there's a lot of similarities between the hundreds (if not thousands) of conventions out there!


Topics include:

  • Signing up to attend
  • What sort of events they'll have
  • Where to find information like cosplay and convention rules
  • Traversing the hallways (and watching for attendees so your costume and/or props stay in one piece)
  • Getting photos
  • ...and more! 
Some of it's technical know-how mixed in with some general attendee etiquette - this includes what you, as a cosplayer, should be aware of, as well as what attendees should know regarding cosplayers and convention behavior too!

This section is devoted to helping make YOUR experience at a convention as smooth and stress-free as I can through text. I want to not only see you all make great and wonderful costumes, but I want to see you wear them with confidence. Conventions aren't as insurmountable as you think - in fact, they can be a very fun and rewarding experience!

So go on! Go sign up and get out there, meet other cosplayers and fans - have a great time!

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