July 25, 2016

Epic Cosplay Costumes: Where It Began

Epic Cosplay Costumes is set to be released September 1st of this year, and you can pre-order it on Amazon! Go here to check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Epic-Cosplay-Costumes-Step-Step/dp/1440245770

Determining What Goes Inside a Cosplay Book

Way back when I was approached about writing Epic Cosplay Costumes (the book), I knew almost immediately what sort of book I had in mind. You see, I spend a lot of my convention time (when I'm not selling in the Artist Alley) giving panels on all sorts of topics - one of the main ones being Cosplay.

A common thread I found throughout these panels were that there are a lot of beginner cosplayers or people who are interested in starting cosplay, but honestly are overwhelmed and have nowhere to start! 

We wanted a book for both beginners and veterans, but the personal touch I wanted to add was all the background and extra information; explaining the phenomenon that is cosplay, and to show the uninitiated that it's not that scary or impossible!

Cosplay Isn't Just Sewing!

I've found a lot of tutorial guides will focus directly on the projects at hand, and that's great! But I wanted to add something a little extra to this book. Cosplay itself is such an ever-changing art form, between how stuff is made (there's not really one set and fast rule, let alone many patterns) and what you can do with it (like attending conventions) that I wanted to introduce that side to the reader as well.

The extra sections (that aren't tutorials) include:
  • What IS cosplay
  • How to break down a costume into parts
  • Sewing Toolbox
  • Wig Advice
  • Surviving a Convention
Each of these sections (which I'll preview for you all as the publishing date nears) has it's own part to play in the hobby of cosplay - and not only will many of these help you make great cosplay costumes, they can help improve your sewing in general!

Keeping it Fun

One of the things I stress throughout the book is that cosplay is supposed to be FUN. I've always been a big supporter of people following their dreams and do what makes you happy! With this book, I hope that many of you can reach for the stars and make the costumes you've always wanted to. Get out there and GET CREATIVE!

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