July 11, 2016

And Then I Survived the Apocalpyse

WOW. I've been here, there and everywhere, and I have like 3-4 convention recaps to write up for archival purposes, but I wanted to let you know I AM ALIVE.

I've been to the Netherlands (Animecon), Indianapolis (Indy Pop Con), Grand Rapids (JAFAX), and Texas (RTX) all in the past month. I have Glass City Con coming up this very weekend (more on that later).

It also happened we got awful storms on Friday and there was some sort of freak burst that destroyed a ton of trees in the area. And our power. For two days (50 hours exactly if y'all are counting). I couldn't update anything, my phone was trying to die constantly, and all the work I needed to do was on the computer.

But I survived! And I'm back. And I'm starting to write things up, it'll just take me some time while I go through all my pictures and such.

I will say this: it's not the best of ideas to plan all your conventions in the span of one month. I AM SO EXHAUSTED.

Anyway, back to work with me - and soon there'll be some RetroRecaps for y'all!

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