June 8, 2016

Travel and Indy Pop Con

SO! Lots of things going on, but I thought I'd pop back in here to check up before things get WILD and CRAZY over here. AKA: I have too many conventions back to back but that's okay it's gonna be a crazy wild ride so let's get it started, eh?


Thanks to Youmacon, Karmaluna Cosplay is being sent to Animecon in Netherlands to compete in their masquerade! I'm set to leave today, and I'm super duper nervous mostly because I hate flying BUT I'm excited to get to see the show and compete.

We're going as Tsukimi and Kuranosuke from Jellyfish Princess!

I'm the tall one - Kuranosuke - and nobody was surprised. Ever.

I'll let you know how it goes upon my return! We get back next Tuesday, in which I'm going to sleep a helluva lot because Jet Lag. But that's not all I'm doing - this is just the start of my SUMMER GAUNTLET OF CONVENTIONS. Next up is...


Taken directly from my facebook page:

I'll be presenting Four panels, one friday, and two saturday, and one Sunday - you can reserve a spot here:


ArtJam Fri - 5-6:50pm
A quiet art session area for artists to come in and work on projects. Media and materials will be provided for use during the session, quiet ambient music will also be provided.

Coloring with Copic Markers Sat - 1-2:50 pm

Learn to color and shade with copic markers. First half is a lecture about how Copics work, to be followed by an interactive project, where students can take their artwork home!

Inking with Copic Multiliners Sat: 3-4:50 pm

Learn all about inking and inking techniques with Copic multiliners. First half is lecture about inking, second half is an interactive project, where students can take their artwork home!

Her Legs Are How Long? Sun 10 - 11:50am

Join me for an informative drawing session covering basic proportions of people, followed by a follow-along drawing session where you learn to draw a person!

These panels are all pay-for panels, so you need to reserve your spot before you go to the show! Since I'll be gone during these next 7 days, I wanted to tell you now, so if you wanted to attend, you can!

That's it for now - I have some more exciting news, but that's to be shared upon my return to the States!

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