June 15, 2016

I'm Back, and Boy Are My Arms Tired!

Cause I flew back from Europe! GET IT? Fuhuhuhuhu...hu. OKAY WHATEVER IT WAS A BAD JOKE, LET'S MOVE ON.

Anyway! As you can see I've returned from my trip to the Netherlands, and I am so exhausted. I'm back to work again now - I have Indy Pop Con coming up this weekend, but that's not why I'm posting here!

I just wanted to remind y'all about that Project Which I Can't Talk About, because I've gotten the A-OK to finally release all the information, so that's coming up this week. :) I want to post it before I leave for this convention so I can talk about it at the show this weekend!

That's all from me - it's time to go finish writing up these presentations!

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