February 23, 2016

Catching Up From Last Time - Washi Con 2016 Review

Wow. As per usual, I got busy and forgot. I WILL ATTEMPT TO NOT FORGET AGAIN. Seriously, I think I need to set myself an alarm to remember these things. ;)

Anyway, some stuff happened through January!

I managed to get to Washi Con (I almost didn't due to capacity reasons!), and I had a great time.

Overall, it was your general little bitty convention - it was a single day at Eastern Michigan University's campus. It took place at the "student union" hall thingy (I feel so old knowing that term, but I know they call it other things), and they had a cute little dealer hall and area for photos, a few rooms for panels and a maid cafe!

I didn't check out the cafe, but I was able to traverse around the show. I ended up schlopping together an outfit (due to fundage and time, I couldn't make a set for both dave and I, and I repurposed some old costume parts and made a couple of new parts to hack together a new one).

I went as Torchwick from RWBY!

I got lucky and found a few other RWBY cosplayers too!

I can go into a more detailed look at what went into the costume - it was a lot of "Found this Old Thing. Made it New", and the cane was made entirely by me!

...mostly because I couldn't find a cane to edit myself that didn't require shipping (I did this all in a week). It's super comfy to wear (minus the not seeing with one eye part), and chances are high I'll be taking it to other shows. :)


I liked Washi Con, it was a cute little show, and I'd love to either attend or vend there next year! :)

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