January 4, 2016

Happy New 2016! Have some Art.

I hope everybody had a happy new year and a lovely holiday season!

For most of us, today is the day we return to work, probably half asleep carrying our coffees & pop hoping we stay awake! Or maybe that's just me?

As we've all got our resolutions, I'm attempting to get better with my tablet. My tablet and I have been on a tumultuous relationship as you see, I had to get a cintiq because I am Old and had severe difficulties with the tablet disconnect. Then, I was so used to using Traditional Media, that drawing on a tablet feels so slippery, and on top of that, sometimes digital work seems like "cheating". Mostly because I'm used to having to layer and layer and have "no takebacks" in the land of art. That CTRL+Z is still weird feeling to me.

ANYWAY, where was I? Oh right. Resolutions. I'm working on new comics (and discovered that using the tablet stylus is much better for my hand than hours and hours of inking and coloring IRL) and artworks, and frankly I am going to need to use this tablet.

So here! Have a new picture of me for the new year I kind of doodled up to kick of my "let's get the hang of this thing because it drives me crazy I can't do it" tablet work!

I'm working on the hair color. :P

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