November 9, 2015

Propworks: Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Wand - Master List and FAQ

The full tutorial has been officially posted for the Cardcaptor Sakura wand I made this past Fall, so here's the master list of the page links along with a few questions I'd want to clarify ahead of time!

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Photo by Bananzers

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Will you make me a wand?

No, I really don't have the time nor will you probably want to pay the price for one right now. This particular staff took me a good 20ish hours worth of work to look as nice as it did (and that's cutting out the parts that I ended up scrapping and reworked). Take that and multiply it at least by minimum wage ($7.50 right now) and that's upwards of $150 to just START. I tend to charge $10/hr for all artwork. And that's not even including shipping costs.


Can you make me just... a part of it?

Nope. I am honestly so swamped right now that even if I did want to make parts for people, I can't. 


I want to make a wand using your tutorial. Is that allowed?

Uh, yes! This is why I made this tutorial! However, if you DO use the tutorial, send me a pic - I want to see what you all can make with it! (I'm on facebook, you can link me an image at Karmada Cosplay or Crash Bang Labs) :) Also, if you could please credit me in your descriptions that would be awesome too. (I'd love to have a gallery with fellow wand makers!)


Can I make wands to sell (or be commissioned for) using this tutorial?

I admire your entrepreneurial spirit, but NO. This tutorial is for personal cosplay use only. 


I don't have Photoshop or Illustrator, what do I do?

There are programs like GIMP out there that will let you do photoediting on a smaller cost/free level, along with vector programs out there. I just don't know what their names are just yet! Also, pester a friend who might have those programs to help you out, they might be able to let you use it!


Can I compete in craftsmanship contests with a wand I make following this tutorial?

That.... is a good question. If it's just a side prop to your costume, I don't see why not, but MAKE SURE to mention that you followed a tutorial. If you're competing just for propwork... that's a little more gray, and you might not want to follow a tutorial for a prop contest. Just sayin'. Don't pretend you did work that you didn't, okay?


Are you going to make the Star Wand too?

At this time, no. I make props depending on what I need for my costumes I make, and I don't have the time/money to just make props for the heck of it. But if I do make one, you can bet I'll probably make a tutorial too.

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