August 3, 2015

GenCon 2015 - Write Up

Everything has been a blur the last couple of months - Big!Project underway, Moving the Whole House, as well as preparing for GenCon 2015! Let me tell you, it's been a lot more hectic than I had planned, and so many hiccups/changes/etc happened along the way.

I'm going to go ahead and blame that GenCon was early this year. :P For those uninitiated, GenCon tends to fall mid to late August, and this year it was the freakin' LAST WEEKEND IN JULY. Seriously people, let's not do this again, pleeeeeeease?

So anyway, after crunching to get costumes done, houses partially packed/moved, and actually find a connected hotel (there was a huge issue with housing this year, and I managed to get us a connected hotel 6 months after signups, after continually stalking the housing page. Don't ask.)

I've never seen a city so happy for a convention.

[rest of post is under a cut, as I talk a lot and had tons of pictures]