July 13, 2015

Ikasucon 2015 Recap!

So this past weekend I got to take a last-minute artist alley trip to a little convention called Ikasucon! I'd never been to this particular convention, but had heard about it from friends, and they ended up having half a table available to me, so I said WHY NOT? It was a three hour drive away, and I got to be social for a bit.

My roomies let me show up on Friday (as things didn't start until around 2pm on friday aaaaanyway), and they showed me to the booth. We had a pretty lovely spot, the aisles were super wide and the room itself was pretty posh.

Since I was going to be working my lonesome, I didn't bring my huge grids, so I attempted to do a pipe version of the booth, which didn't turn out too shabby:

kids, this is why you need to pay attention in math class!

I ended up making the whole thing really really tall, and so I ended up kind of slapdashing some of the pictures at the top! Whoops! But I think it came out pretty good, given that I was kind of winging it out of the pipe bag.

It was a small convention, so there wasn't a ton of people flooding around which was GREAT. If you happened to have stopped by and I was a tad shy, it's cause I am, and sometimes dealing face to face with so many people on my own I get a tad overwhelmed! I was really happy you all stopped by though!

I ended up doing a bunch of marker commissions (I've got one last one I'm finishing up during the week this week), and thankfully didn't destroy my arm too badly. I got to rest mostly on Sunday, so that way I wouldn't blow it out completely.

I also experienced my very first karaoke session at Ikasucon, which was kind of a big thing for me, as I wasn't exactly in a cosplay (I was in plainclothes all weekend). You see, when I'm in a cosplay, I'll derp as the day is long. But when I'm just me? OH MAN, I kind of shy away.

That was until I realized I could attempt to completely butcher sing the 2nd Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Theme. NAILED IT. Much posing was to be had, I couldn't read half the words, but it was fun. I guess I'll need to practice some more songs and try again at another show (if I'm brave enough).

And now it's time for the bullet-point-recap!


+ Hilton Hotel was amazing and I would want to stay there again. THOSE COMFORTERS.

+ Venue was very nice, clean, very bright during the day (when I wasn't in the hall)

+ Staff was pleasant

+ Crowds were pleasant

+ Taco Bell in walking distance!


- It was kind of dark in the dealer hall. I mean, thankfully eventually the other lights came on, but it still felt... dark? Mostly because when I'd go into the main hall with all the windows I'd feel blinded. Maaaaay have also messed with my color matching.

- The convention felt really "hidden" - the rest of the rooms were down the halls of the con center (which was great), and there was definitely traffic. It just was so spread out I actually have no idea how many people were there? Needs moar people.

- SQUEAKERS. Please. Stahp.


~ Keep trying to get more attendees! But that's just me, I like bigger crowds for selling and cosplaying inside of, but by no means am I saying to suddenly get thousands of people.

Would I go back?

Definitely! I had a hoot while I was there, and maybe next time I'll cosplay when I'm around. :)

July 8, 2015


Since I ended my beginning of the year convention crunch, I've been working on Big Project (tm), and some other things! Naturally it's kept me pretty busy, but also at the same time I've been becoming a bit of a stir-crazy hermit. Thankfully I have not been tossed out the window yet!

If you know me (and you might? You might not? but that's okay), you'll know I'm not usually the biggest fan of last-minute plans. I tend to have my weekend projects planned out, and having that interrupted makes me a little nutty. Well, I happened to have been contacted by an artist pal of mine (Tiny T-Rex Studios) that she had space at half her table (a friend who was going to use that half of the table was unable to make it).

I had just recently had to back out of a convention, much to my sadness (they were moving to a smaller locale and other reasons. I'm still hoping to attend that convention at least on Saturday assuming it still goes on as planned). I was super bummed that I had to do that, and I wouldn't have a show I'm vending at until February, assuming I could get back into Katsucon.

So when she asked, I checked with Dave to get his thoughts. Mostly because we're working on that immense armor project, and I wanted to make sure we could still get all the stuff done in time for Gencon (which is coming along nicely by the way!).

I think I might be too stir crazy cause he issued a very quick YES PLEASE GO BE SOCIAL I'LL CUT OUT FOAM WHILE YOU'RE GONE.

Long story short, I'll be attending/vending at IKASUCON in Fort Wayne IN (don't laugh, we all know Fort Wayne hates me, maybe if I'm actually STOPPING inside it, it'll stop being mean to me)!


I'll be in the artist's alley with some of my wares, and doing commissions. Chances are likely I'll be in plainclothes all weekend, maybe with a fancy wig on instead? I'm kinda using it to relax a bit.

Come find me, get a print, get a commission, generally nerd out with meeeeeeeeee!

July 2, 2015

Propworks: Beauty & the Beast Enchanted Mirror - Behind the Scenes (PICTURE HEAVY)

As I had mentioned earlier, I was going to give you all a look "behind the scenes" on how I kind of sort of made that Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Mirror (and all the reasons why I don't want to make another, ha!). I do warn you, picture heavy post is heavy, because I'm the kind of person who likes written tutorial type things with lots of examples.

At least when I remember to take photos of my work.


The first problem I had when making this mirror, is I had intended to use a PVC pipe cut as the handle to hold the oval mirror I had obtained from my local craft store. This is a bad idea. If you are making a prop mirror, and intend to take it to places it could be damaged, I found using a standard glass mirror from the store just won't cut it.

I shattered two of them, and had to pitch the whole product. (We're counting them as canceling out the bad luck!)

ANYWAY, I was running out of options, and that's when I remembered that they made this looking glass sheen you can spray onto glass to make things look like a mirror. So I figured, what the heck, we've got some spare plastic we found at the new house, let's see if it works!

The cracks showed up after I sprayed the paint in.