January 12, 2015

First post of 2015 and I'm already talking about Conventions

Whew! WHERE DID JANUARY GO? Seriously. I blinked and it's halfway through the month already. In that realization I figured it was time to start catching up with all the stuff I couldn't do well while bandaged.

First bit of news: Hand is almost healed! I can now go bandage free during the day, and it looks presentable for the public so I don't feel bad going out on the town without one on! This is good because then I can finally fix up the things I've been meaning to do for shows coming up. This is bad because I'm now 2.5 weeks behind in my schedule. So I'm here to advertise the next couple of shows I'll be at!


So I am trying out vending at Ohayocon for the FIRST. TIME. EVER. I'm super nervous and I'm trying to get together the rest of my original works for the show (see note above about BEING SO BEHIND).

I'm very excited and very nervous all at the same time because the show is a NO FANART artist alley! Which means I get to be surrounded by a bunch of other creative folks with their own stories and items and things. (I love collecting indie comics)

Use this handy dandy map to find me!

I'd say I managed to get a pretty decent spot, being near the upstairs entrance (that's up an escalator apparently!). I haven't been there since 2010, so I have NO idea how the show has changed up. If you're there, come say hi! I'm super nervous and scared because I'm really bashful about meeting new people!

I'll try not to panic too much, I promise!


And then there's Katsucon. With one of the hugest alleys I've been in (It's the same, if not bigger, than ACen). I also apparently can't read a calendar when I was signing up for these shows because I hadn't realized there was only one full week between the shows, so I'll try not to drool on you if you come by.

Here's the handy map to let you know where to find me! I'm on the outer edge facing guests apparently! If you're a guest, and you'll be there, I will try desperately to not have massive swooning fits at my table. Thankfully the husband will be assisting so he can always carry me out if need be.

So... many....tables....

As always, I'll have prints, comics, books, commission and more! I'm working on some neat things right now for the table, but I don't wanna advertise them JUUUUUUST yet. :)

In the other realm of Projects I am Working On - I have sketchbook 2015 under way, but I'm being particular about my doodles I place in it, so it might not be ready until Katsu or Shutocon. I want to keep up the same level of awesome I had in the first!

I am however, contemplating making smaller booklets of other ideas (apparently in the comic world they're called "zines"), so we'll see how far I get with that!

In the meanwhile, I'm off to work on those projects!