December 29, 2014

That Time I Tried to Make Tea and Failed

WARNING: I talk about injuries and burns. If that bothers you, you probably don't want to read. I promise I won't go into too much detail though, that's just icky.


You know when you have these huge plans of stuff you're going to work on, and then something happens, completely by accident, to derail you for a good chunk of time? That would about sum up my Friday.

May I begin with: I am the Dumbest Human Being in the Tri-City Area.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Picture taken by husband. I clearly couldn't take it!

You see, I somehow managed to forget ALL those handy safety tips they teach you in school. You know, stuff like "don't run with scissors", "don't lick a flagpole in winter", and of course "don't put boiling hot water on yourself." It all started when I wanted to make myself a cup of tea the morning after Christmas, sit down, and get started on FINALLY penciling Tangerine Wings #3. It was written, and mapped, and I was excited to start the process.

I set the electric kettle to heat, and got myself a cup. I didn't grab a tea bag for no particular reason I can recall. I grabbed a favorite tea cup, and set to filling it a good ways full, as the water evaporates/absorbed into the tea bag when it steeps. But this time, since I forgot to get the tea bag, I figured that it was a smart idea to grab the cup by the handle, and go over to the place where i store tea. I reached into the box and that's where everything Went Wrong.

The only thing I could think that I did is that as I reached upwards, I tilted the cup slightly.

This caused the boiling hot water to spill over onto my left hand. The first thought I had was not "ow that's hot" it was "I CAN'T DROP THIS CUP I ONLY HAVE 4 OF THEM AND CAN'T GET MORE". But I needed to clean off my hand cause, dang, it kind of really hurt. So I grabbed the mug with my right hand, and since I was in a hurry, I splashed THAT hand with some water. I was all "DAMN SON, THAT'S HOT" but all the while thinking "CANNOT BREAK MUG!!"

The culprit. see the mug was a special coffee/tea mug that I had gotten as a gift when we got married. They are very cute, and fancy, and you can't buy them from Macy's anymore that i can find. I didn't want to lose it! So I carefully set it on the floor, and went to clean my hand when I realized (I'll spare you the details) that this was no ordinary burn. I had clearly ventured into some other Burn Category.

So I ran to the faucet and ran it under water. And then called Husband on the work phone. Blubbering. In shock, and finally, in a lot of pain.

Long story short, Dave came home and picked me up, and we went to the nearest urgent care that wasn't a huge hospital and got taken care of. The doctor prescribed me only what I can ascertain to be 1 gallon of burn creme (it apparently only comes in travel size and Costco size), and to keep it wrapped up for a while with the creme but change it out.

Since that Fateful Friday, i've learned all sorts of new ouchies and Things One Cannot Do Unless You Have Opposable Thumbs and Grip.

Thankfully Dave's been helping me with things like, tying my shoes, helping me blow dry my hair (I can't hold the roll brush), let alone basic chores. Even typing is hard, since i can't move my thumb much due to the pain when it stretches a little. But I haven't been able to do much art wise, as the first day i was all wrapped up, and then it's hard to use the tablet buttons, as well as try to hold my paper down with my bandaged hand. I'm gonna give it a whirl today, but we'll see.

I managed to type this up, but now my thumb's hurting again so I'm gonna go rest it. I'll keep y'all posted on new things though! :)

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