October 20, 2014

Rapid-Fire Conventions! ONE-TWO PUNNNNCH!

Hey everybody! So, as the lovely month of October progresses, and I keep working on my (oh so many) comic projects and artwork, I figured it was high time to advertise a couple of conventions I'll be vending at VERY SOON!

Oct 31-Nov 1
Detroit Renaissance Center & Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI

A long standing convention which I've seen grow from the very first show they had up at the hotel in Troy, I'll be participating in their artist alley! I will be listed under the name Crash Bang Labs, and I'll have a (hopefully new, darker colored) teal tablecloth, and a WHOLE NEW SET UP!

Come see my portfolio!

I'll have sketch cards, both original and prints available at the booth (BRAND NEW!)

And last but not least, I will have a compilation Sketchbook available for purchase! (BRAND NEW! I'll be posting photos of it here soon!)

We unfortunately don't have any table placements yet, but never fear, we're gonna be in a pretty big openish area that you can't miss! If I hear anything before the show I'll let you know!

SIDE NOTE: Cosplayers! Some of the rules have changed in regards to the GM-Specified areas in the Renaissance Center. Youmacon is currently negotiating with GM to find out the details for you, but if you are curious what it's all about, you can go to their FAQ. As always, please be courteous, remember, we're technically invading their space, so let's be kind to the locals!

November 7-9
Hampton Roads, VA

A brand new show I've never been to. I'm waiting to hear if we'll get our spot locations listed ahead of time, and I'll let you know the minute I find out!

From the research I've found, it looks to be about a Shuto Con sized show (5000+ people?) their schedule has officially been posted, and there's a LOT of things for people to do, so I'm very excited for it!

I will of course be bringing all the new items listed above - Sketch Cards & Prints, Sketchbook, new Prints! If you happen to be in the area, stop by and say hi! OH! I'll also be doing commissions on site as well, so if you're interested I can do a sketchcard or brown paper image for you!


I didn't want to make a whole other post for this, but I have some future convention news that came my way! Firstly, I can't remember if I said it or not, but I was accepted into OHAYOCON'S Artist Alley, and I'm all paid up, so I'm OFFICIALLY IN.

I'll be really working on cranking out books the minute I get back from Nekocon, I'm hoping to have an art book, a 2015 sketchbook, and new comics for everybody at the show (since it's Original Artwork Only, I really want to have a lot of nice products for people!). I'll also be offering at-con commissions too!

And, even more surprisingly, just the other day, I received a confirmation on my acceptance into KATSUCON'S artist alley! Honestly, I'm really flattered I got in. I didn't make the cut last year, but that worked out because it was the convention a snowstorm ate, but this year... this year they had apparently 400+ entries for 200 tables, and most likely with the same 50/50 split given to 3D Artisans & 2D Artists. I was very surprised, and pleased, to find that acceptance in my email.

I shall be eternally grateful that I will have the chance again to vend at such a lovely show (for the little time I spent there the last time I vended, I really liked the crowd!). I'm working on getting my payment sent in, but I'll keep y'all posted!

I think that's it for today's update! I'm working on getting some pics of my 2014 Sketchbook I'll have at the table this year! :)


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