October 13, 2014

I RISE FROM THE DARKNESS... okay, more like I stop hermiting...

This is just going to be a short post while I work on some things, and then work on a blog post to be putting up here soon. :)

I had a pretty hectic couple of weeks with the American Sewing Expo (which while exciting, exhausted me greatly), and then instantly following it with Awesome Con! Hence why I kinda hid from the internet for like, a week. I love being around people, but sometimes it just takes out all my energy and I need to hide from humanity (not a great trait for somebody advertising on the internet, but until I get myself a Social Media Expert to handle it, I shall try to warn everybody the best I can when I'll be gone. It's not you, it's me, REALLY.)


I don't have much of a write up for American Sewing Expo, as I was mostly mired in panels - which went splendidly! I was so happy to see so many pleasant faces and I'm glad I could be both entertaining and informative for you. :)

As mentioned earlier, I ended up being a judge for their very first Costume Contest, and I must say, I loved ALL my contestants. You guys were great and made our jobs really difficult! (that's a good thing, for those new to costume contests). I hope you all had a great time and return to the show next year! I wanna see what ELSE you guys come up with!

On a side note, they let me be the Emcee. :P and if you all know me, you know I love being the emcee for these kinds of things. I just hope I remembered all the details correctly as I spoke about your outfits as you walked down the runway. It was a lot of stories to remember!


I wanted to make a separate post about this show, as there seemed to be mixed feelings from multiple accounts. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, and I see a lot of promise. Just a few things out of our hands kind of went wrong and it was nothing we could have accounted for at the time. BUT I'LL TALK ABOUT THAT LATER.


Hey! Did you know I'm participating in Inktober? It's this drawing thing I learned of on tumblr where for each day in October, you draw an inked image. I'm doing a bit better this year, as I'm up to 10 images scanned in, and I'm playing catch up a little bit today! I CAN DO THIS.

If you'd like to see my pictures, you can see them in one of three places (per your internet browsing du jour):

Deviant Art


Soooooooo since timings were unfortunate, I wasn't able to get my new comic chapters to the printer yet (but they're in queue and are being written/drawn at this time). But I wanted something new for people with my artwork! And that's when I discovered SKETCHBOOKS. I had picked one or two up at cons in years past, and I picked up a couple of them at Awesome Con, and I must say I really like them! So I am making one myself, and I'll have some pictures in a bit after I finish editing the text (thank you PHD COSPLAY).

I also have gotten my hands on my old mat cutter. :D What does this mean? This means I can make custom mats for my artwork! It means I can make 5x7 sized matboards for my sketch cards! (Sorry guys, I hate those 8x10 sized ones with one tiny hole inside it). I plan to be experimenting with that this week, so I should have some recon for y'all! And of course images. :)

I think that's about it! I'll be back soon this week with recaps and updates!

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