August 12, 2014

News Update - Robin Williams & Biblical Flooding

First off, I know that we've all head the sad news - beloved actor Robin Williams has passed away. I honestly don't know how to feel right now because he was a major part of a lot of movies that I loved from my childhood onwards. I'm grief filled, but I'm trying to not show it - I'm only hoping right now that with news that he was suffering from depression and unfortunately succumbed to suicide, we can learn from this.

If you know anybody who has recently withdrawn from the world, is suddenly less into doing what it is they love, check up on them. You might think you're being a bother (or maybe think "it's too much work because they'll let me know they need me"), but honestly, sometimes knowing that somebody else cares about you is the lifesaver you need.

If you know anybody who is suffering from depression, don't tell them platitudes like "just stop being sad!" or "you know you chose this, you can unchoose it" and other nonsense like that. Tell them things like "that sucks. Is there anything I can do to help? Do you want to talk about it?" or heck, just HANG OUT WITH THEM.

It's a shame that it will take famous people giving into depression to get us to talk about it as though it's actually real, but I will take what I can get.


ANYWAY! If you've been paying attention to the weather, and you're aware that Crash Bang Labs just happens to be in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan (it's fun to scare people on vacation when they're like "where are you from?" and I have to respond with "Detroit" because nobody knows the suburbs and look at me funny when I do the Michigan hand map thing, and they're all like "EGHOMGSOHARDCORELETSMOVEAWAYFROMTHEMIMIGHTGETSHANKED") you might have noticed we just had some epically epic rains the other day.

In our area we averaged between 4.3 and 4.5 INCHES of rain coming down in a few hours. We kinda broke all sorts of records. 2/3rds of our local freeways are shut down completely and there are abandoned cars EVERYWHERE apparently - we had one death, and there are crews searching for bodies in underwater cars. It's pretty bad.

In case you're curious, we did okay over here at the labs, we were super lucky and only got about 2 inches of clear water into our basement (clearly rainwater). Other homes in the area had upwards of 1-2 feet of water in their basements. I also was EXTREMELY lucky because no less than 4 days ago, my husband thought it would be a nice gift to me while I work hard and get ready for Gencon (did I mention that was this week, UGGGHHHHH WHY NOW), he would organize all my costumes.

What I've been working on for GenCon.

When I made this costume, I did not intend to go sailing in my BASEMENT...

This included actually cataloging and hanging them up so they didn't drag on the floor. I have some handy metal clothing racks on wheels we got from the wedding showers, and OMG THEY SAVED THE COSTUMES AND FABRIC. Due to his awesomeness, he got them all hung up and elevated, so NONE of the water touched ANY of the costumes. A bunch of shoes got wet, but they'll dry.

Upon finding that our basement had a chunk of water, we went into rescue mode, and thank GOODNESS that I do artist alleys and bought super heavy duty wire grids. XD We propped those babies up, hung all my extra hooks on them, and dangled all the shoes from em! The other grid is being used as a drying rack for the big rugs we have down there.

TL;DR - it got wet, things are surviving, hopefully we can get to GenCon without too much hassle.

It's supposed to rain today again. :(

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