August 13, 2014

GENCON Approaches!

So quick update for you guys - the basement is drying up quite nicely so we'll be able to attend to it as needed.

For those NOT in the know.... GENCON is approaching! In fact, day zero is TODAY! (Wednesday, that is).

Gencon is most likely the LARGEST tabletop/board game/miniature/all things gaming convention that's out there. Last year they broke over 40,000 people (I can't remember the exact numbers) and it's a blast. There's a ton of people but it's so different than a lot of conventions I go to. This one always feels more relaxed, easy going, and exciting all at the same time. The average age of the convention attendee is older than what you'd typically see at an anime con, and while I love vending at anime cons, man, there's something really nice about going to a show where I'm not going to see hoards of screaming anime kids and random dance parties in the hallway.

There's a bazillion different events you can sign up to do (they have a great registration system), let alone playtesting new games, finding new miniatures, entering tournaments, and they even have some fun entertainment in the evening. The entire downtown Indianapolis prepares for this, and they've really grown accustomed to having Gencon there (many "gaming-themed" menus have appeared!). And don't forget FOOD TRUCKS. OH I look so forward to those too.

ANYWAY, it's my one "fun" show for the year that I go to, and I'm looking forward to attending it again! I'll be there in pseudo-costume most of the time, I'll post pictures here when I return.

May your weekend be a fun one, and I'll catch you all on the flipside! :)

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