July 23, 2014

In Case of Power Outage, Press Play

Okay guys. As I'm writing this there's a string of storms headed through Michigan, the lovely state in which I reside.

For those not in the know, apparently the area in which I live in is quite possibly the WEAKEST power grid I've ever dealt with - and a mere tiny thunderstorm has knocked out our power numerous times. I'm getting really sick of having to replace the food in our fridge (I made sure not to buy any ice cream or milk this time around in hopes nothing bad will happen).

BUT just in case that happens and I can't update my comic properly, I will leave you with an awesome thing.

If you've been anywhere near the internet you might have heard about a little musical artist known as Weird Al. He's super cool, and I must say his new CD is ON FIRE. It's a great selection of songs, but I wanted to show you guys my favorite one.

a.) It makes the graphic designer in me so happy because I love the way it's animated.

b.) It summarizes what I feel when reading incomprehensible things on the internet.

(assuming by the time you see this the video isn't taken down sometime in the FAR FAR FUTURE. I mean, if you're looking at my blog years from now, like YEARS this video might not exist. So I apologize for that. When I posted it the video was in action.)

(For you FUTURE TRAVELERS, the song is "Word Crimes" by Weird Al - and is a fresh take on the song Blurred Lines which is a horrible horrible song - with a catchy tune apparently - so let us rejoice in getting a fun hilarious set of lyrics to go with this snazzy music now.)


MORNING UPDATE: WE HAVE POWER. It's also significantly cooler in the house today - so I can finish coloring in my art lair (which happens to be upstairs and was doing its best yesterday to impersonate a sauna.)

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