July 17, 2014

Hey, Where'd That Go?

I'm one of those creative types who has like 18,000 projects running through her head at all times, and I will admit I get a little jumbled now and again, but mostly keep stuff in order.

You know the type. We just keep getting new ideas, and shuffling them into our mental filing cabinet, which I think perplexes some other people, and that's totally okay! I don't expect everybody to know what's going on up there in my head.

However, it does make me forget to tell people when I have a plan for things that they don't think I have a plan for. Namely, I wanted to reassure everybody that even though I'm really focusing on Sky's End right now, I haven't forgotten about my other projects!

Most importantly, Tangerine Wings.

I honestly haven't forgotten about this lovely little story I had started!

Now that I'm getting used to doing things via actual paper, I need to actually sit down and remember how to do this digitally (if I still want to do that as is) or if I need to get myself Manga Studio to get better tones going (I'm honestly VERY limited in what I can do here with tones).

So my promise to all you lovely readers is that while I'm working on Sky's, I'm working to create a very large buffer in which I'll spend the buffer time then penning the next chapter (of which I have mostly plotted out, I just need to actually DRAW it up).

It might take a while - my current estimate is to be drawing the next chapter by September, but we'll see how efficient I can be! I'll keep you all updated as I go along. :)

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