May 22, 2014

Retro Recap: Anime Park III

Next Retro Recap - ANIME PARK (III)!

Anime Park is a small one day convention held at my old high school campus. I heard about it at another convention, and I figured, WHY NOT? I mean, it's my old school, and it's within a short drive, sooooo why not help out? I've been with them ever since.

This year we returned to the illustrious Canton building.

Just one of THREE schools on my campus now...

They had all of us set up in the cafeteria, which we did well in anticipating and brought SEAT CUSHIONS, because let me tell you, sitting on these lunch table seats is IMPOSSIBLE for more than an hour.

We arrived very early in the morning, okay, early for me, and got ourselves set up so we could vend until 6, which gave us like a good 9-10 hours worth of selling. Not bad!

Venue is obviously a high school, so smaller items tend to work better at these kinds of events, and I had a lot of people stop by for either small prints or commissions, and hey, I'm totally cool with that!

One of many booth set ups. I had a new button display though!

I hardly left the table much all day, and Dave lovingly went and fetched us all lunch. And a new cutty tool for my table (as the other one is dead/missing). Had a great time, sold well, will try to be back next year!


ENJOYED IT! Would vend again 10/10.

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