January 28, 2014

More Conventions to Add to the List!

Had a quick update for you guys before I do another official OFFICIAL posting!

I have a couple of conventions to add to my list of places I'm vending at this year, namely Anime Park and Indy Pop Con.

MAY 10


Anime Park is a small, one-day convention that takes place at my old high school campus! I love going to this con because I remember back in the day when the anime club STARTED at this school. :) So if you happen to be local, and have a couple dollars to spare (I think they have a small entry fee of like 2 dollars or something like that), come by and support a local high school anime club!

MAY 30 - JUNE 1

Indy PopCon Logo

A brand new convention down in Indianapolis! It's kind of a "catch-all" convention leaning towards comics, movies, tv, anime, and more! I'm going to be in the artist's area, sharing a table with my good friend Rajamitsu of the newly christened TINY T-REX studio! (Hey, send me a link to a page when it's fully up and running, Raj, so I can link you here!)

And outside of these conventions, I'll also be vending at SHUTO CON and ANIME CENTRAL.

I also just signed up for GENCON, but that's one I go to for fun. 

As always, I'm trying to keep things up to date, so check out the "convention schedule" link on the side of the blog for where I'll be going to next! 

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