December 27, 2013

What to do, what to do...

I think I go through this conundrum every year - I look back at my blog, and wonder, "what direction do I really want to take this blog in?"

It started out as a place I wanted to provide tutorials about costuming, then it switched to artist alley advice, and lately I've only been posting my convention recaps. I will also admit, this year has been pretty hectic with the whole wedding thing and then it seems almost directly after that we jumped into the holiday season.

I've contemplated giving more personal stories at conventions and in my regular life (more like a slice of life blog, I suppose), as I've had some pretty weird stuff happen to me. I also happen to be a pretty crotchety old lady for only being in my early 30s (daggum kids, get off my lawn! *waves stick around*).

But I didn't want to suddenly switch from one format to the next. I'd still like to talk about things like artist alleys, doing art in general, and all manners of creativity, but I was thinking of opening up the blogosphere to a little more personal anecdotes. I've never been a fan of the strictly business blogs (srsbsns you know!), I find them kind of boring, to be honest. I'd like to also bring things to light that people probably don't think about - and don't worry, I'm not gonna start social justice blogging. Egads no. I'm sensitive but I'm not Tumblr sensitive! I guess this is a long way of me saying I'm changing up the blogging method a little bit so don't be to scared when suddenly I start talking about things that aren't necessarily convention related? I think?

I suppose this could be my "new years resolution about 5 days too early" sort of thing. I like you guys, and I wanna share some experiences, and open up talking about things like the geeky world and dealing with stuff.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna get all melodramatic on you guys. I'd much rather share wacky experiences with you. If you've never tried selling at a booth at a convention, you have NO idea how weird that world can get.

Now, it's back to the art lair with me, in hopes I can draw some more! :)

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