October 7, 2013

A Convention Update and an Inktober Catch Up!

Been keeping busy with the drawing! I'm still trying to keep up with inktober (the drawings will be located at the end of the post, in case you're interested).

I wanted to just post some updates for all of you!

The next convention I will be attending is YOUMACON.


It's a pretty decently sized convention that takes place down in Detroit, Michigan on October 31 - November 3! I chose not to apply last year due to some interpersonal conflict sort of things, but this year, I'm giving it another chance!

There was around 10,000 + attendees last year, so it might be a little crowded, especially if it grows more at all. Thankfully a lot of things are moving over to the Cobo Center, I think. REMEMBER TO TAKE THE RIVER WALK TO GET THERE if you don't want to bother with the People Mover or it's passes. The River Walk is definitely the safer/easier walking path! I didn't find this out until the end of the weekend last year. WHOOPS.

I'll be located in the alley, which is going to be somewhere in the Cobo Center, wherever the room where the dealers will be. I unfortunately don't have a map as of yet (not sure if we'll get one, but we'll see!), but come look for me! I'll be the teal booth with the white wire frames, and I'll most likely be in a cosplay. (I'm in the masquerade on Saturday)

I'll make sure to remind y'all when it gets closer - it's still about 4 weeks away at this point, and I'm hoping maybe to use some of my awesome inked drawings as BRAND NEW PRINTS for sale. Once I color some of them in.

Anyway, here's some Inktober catch up:

A cute witch

Celes Chere from Final Fantasy VI

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