September 23, 2013

Blog Hiatus, Finally Over! Just WHAT was I doing all that time?

If you've been checking here and there, you'll find that I've had a handful of weeks where I really didn't post much of anything. Well, frankly, I was really busy these past two weeks and then recovering from a cold this past week.

So first, we had SS Kaizoku Con, which was very small, but pretty fun. I had been hoping for more attendance, but I see a lot of promise in this little con, and with a few tweaks and changes, it could be come a nice moderate convention!

I was doing a handful of panels and was in the Artist Alley, with my cohorts Kristy of "Fan-Tastic" and Rajamitsu of Sanddiver Studios (we each had our own table) and thank goodness cause I had fun pestering them all weekend.

It was a good time, and I even accomplished something I never thought I would:

Photo by PhD Cosplay

I became a pony. That's right. I was introduced to the new My Little Pony, and yes. I enjoy the show!  As a purveyor of the creative and a lover of animation, the quality of script, fluidity of animation, and fabulous comedic timing, I love this show.

For those NOT in the know, this is Rarity. She's the pony who has her own dress shop, and loves all fancy things.

(Honestly, to me the show makes a lot more sense when you think of the central pony characters as recent graduates who have their own jobs/businesses, and Twilight is the graduate student who is finishing up her PhD in magic and her mentor told her she needs to get out in the world. This is also why I shouldn't let Aris watch cartoon shows, we get into way too deep of conversations about this.)

This was also the first "garment" rather than "costume" I've made in a long time. It was a McCall's Fashion Star pattern, and it wasn't too bad to use! I really like how this came out.

ANYWAY. So after that, you'd think I'd be all tired and need a rest. OH NO. HAHAHA.

You see, the weekend after that I was getting MARRIED!

That's right! I'm all official now!

We had a lovely little ceremony, followed by a delicious lunch at an amazing Italian restaurant. It was very pretty and very nice, and I had a lovely time! I got to see a lot of people I hadn't in a while, and the food was awesome. Afterwards the friends who shipped themselves in for the event along with Aris and myself went out and had an awesome time while all dressed up. We did laser tag, glow golf, and something where we shot nerf balls at each other. I don't really know what it was called, but I got hit with a lot of them.


No way, you say? YES WAY.

You see, after the wedding, very early in the morning the next day, we hit the road. Because that's when we began our honeymoon trip to DISNEY WORLD! One of my long time favorite vacation spots, and all around awesome place.

Did I mention Epcot is my favorite place?

It was an awesome wonderful vacation, but I won't gush too much on it, since there's a lot of other things for me to cover now that I'm back! Things like art and cosplay and such.

I will say two things about the trip: Queuing is hard (apparently), and West Virginia only goes DOWNWARDS.

I ended up getting a cold on the very last day of the vacation, and I've been still shaking it off over a week later. I'm almost healed, but at least now I'm coherent.

And thus are the reasons why I haven't been posting on this blog. But now that I'm back, and in business, I aim to add more to the blog now. Here's to hoping the world calms down a little in this neck of the woods finally.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! Have I mentioned that you two are seriously adorable? Because you are!

    And seriously, that is one epic Rarity cosplay. Love it!

  2. Yay! Thank you! :D

    XD and yes, I love that cosplay. It's so comfy!