August 5, 2013

Upcoming Events - Kaizoku Con Spotlight

Long time no chat. Turns out they spent quite some time working on the roof last week, so I had no computer easily available to do things like draw and what not.

Then the laptop died. I am still trying to diagnose it, so hopefully I can find some way to save it. On the bright side, the hard drive is really easy to extract and if I need to I can probably hook it up to the tower.

For today's post I wanted to submit some fun news along with an UpComing Convention Spotlight! Namely, these are conventions I'm most likely attending in the near future (or have attended before) and I just want to get the word out.

I have one show between now and this show, but I wanted to spread the word quicker on this one. :)

At the end of August, I will be attending the convention known as S.S. KAIZOKU CON!

Can be found at:

It's a first-year convention that'll be on the west side of the state of Michigan, I believe it is in an area called Grand Haven! Which, for those unawares, is about a 20-25 minute drive west of GVSU where JAFAX occurs. So if you're local, you have a brand new local convention! Huzzah!

Since they are so brand new, they've been reaching out to local identities to be Guests for their show, and I was one of the lucky ones they asked! That's right, I'm technically going to be a GUEST at a convention. A small one, but I hope to do my role justice and be my normal, wacky self.

For those who have pre-ordered a badge, I just happened to also be the winner of their badge design contest!

I will be located in their Artist Alley selling my prints and comics as always! On top of that, I will be presenting a couple of panels:

How To Artist Alley with Crash Bang Labs
Are you vending in an artist alley? Are you planning on trying it in the future? Join Crash Bang Labs for a “crash course” in customer service and presentation!

Time in a Box: Tips for Comic Panel Layouts
A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a terrible layout only spells disaster! Join Crash Bang Labs for a discussion panel about Comic Panel layouts and composition. Whether you’re drawing a single comic strip or a full chapter book, the tips and tricks in this panel will help you tell your story your way!

What goes under WHERE?
Everybody talks about how to make your costume. But nobody talks about what goes UNDER your costume! Come in and join Karmada for a discussion panel about what we wear under our costumes for support, modesty, and overall comfort!


Two of the panels are new to my panel offerings, the first being "How to Artist Alley", where yes, we'll talk about what you need to run a table, but more importantly we want to talk about how to handle customers and make your booth as inviting as possible!

The second new panel is one I've been contemplating doing for a while, which is a panel about what we wear under our cosplays. Not only does underwear help you fit into costumes, it also complements them and make you feel more secure when you're in a cosplay! So come in for a fun time, I should hopefully have some good resources for finding the proper undergarments. 

The other cosplay panels I usually offer will be presented by my good friend Samaru, and I'll be in the Alley next to Rajamitsu! Her chibis are super duper cute, so you should come by and buy them before I buy them all! I also be next to my good friend Fan-Tastic! (I don't have a link for her works, but she does some very pretty jewelry!) At least, I should be located next to them per my requests. :) We'll find a way to make it work!

The show is also offering a Cosplay Costume Contest (different from their Masquerade Ball - I got it confused myself because I'm an old, and I'm used to Masquerade being a contest)! So if you have been thinking of entering, why not try? Little cons are a great spot to get started on the competition circuit. Their contest information is located here: COSPLAY CONTEST INFORMATION

It should be a fun time, so if you're looking for a small cozy convention to visit around Labor Day, Kaizoku is your place. Come for the convention, stay for the fun!

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  1. That sounds awesome! I wish we could go but we have a goat for a car...maybe we can catch it next year.

    You must do the What goes under WHERE at other cons too! I've got to catch that one!!! I've had so many issues with that, it aint funny. I was a poster child for what not to do at JAFAX two years ago during your cosplay panel.