July 19, 2013

Some Days You Just Feel Like a Prop

In a flurry of being unable to draw, I somehow got the total motivation to make SOMETHING. I didn't care what, but I just wanted to make SOMETHING. And by motivation I mean a total and utter focus on everything that was NOT drawing.

So using mostly materials around the house (I had to go buy some wire and a roll of masking tape), I did this throughout the evening. I'm starting step two tomorrow. If this goes as well as I hope, I'll have fun pics for Monday or Tuesday of it done. :)

This is also a teaser for some fun upcoming stuff. BUT. I'll wait to tell you about that on MONDAY.

*laughs evilly *

*poses dramatically*

*swooshes cape and walks off*


  1. I adore all this entry! You are one hilarious woman!

    1. I aim to entertain! I'm also weird. I think that helps. :)

  2. The world need more weird! Thank you for contributing ^^