July 12, 2013

"Heroes" of Cosplay


It's time we had a talk.

There's this show coming out on SyFy (or for those who remember the past: Sci-Fi network) sometime relatively soon called "Heroes Of Cosplay".

Heroes of Cosplay

Just what IS this mysteriously named show?

According to The Mary Sue, it will be "a 6-episode documentary series that will follow some of the biggest names in the cosplay community. The series will explore not just who these cosplayers are, but WHAT cosplay is and WHY they do it."

It's following 9 different "cosplayers" to all the different conventions they go to and compete at to show what the cosplaying world is "really like". (Take in mind all these cosplayers are of course naturally beautiful and female)  I am also exceedingly pissed that there are no contestants of other races or even MEN. I'll honestly be shocked if they ever show any crossplayers ever. (What? A female dressing in a male outfit?! HELL NO! THE GUYS WON'T WATCH THAT! *grumbles*)

I find it very hard to believe that this will be some sort of documentary, as I was informed about their scripting douchebaggery at Anime Matsuri - with pictures/evidence/witness testimony to prove it. They were trying to get drama where there was none (they were also trying to rig the competition hard core). They are trying to show how cosplay can be a functional "job" and that everybody is striving to be COSPLAY FAMOUSUUUU and that all it's about is spending crap tons of money, going to competitions, and being generally insufferable.

Which is a total lie. This is not what I cosplay for. This is not what other people cosplay for.

Yes. I have a handful of trophies, certificates and plaques hanging on my wall, but I don't necessarily care or tout them around (aside from the last sentence). I competed because I liked being surrounded by other creative people, and honestly, had I not been in a particular masquerade, I would not have made a good friend of mine who indirectly led me to the man I am marrying in a couple of months. Cosplay has opened my social world, and let me be creative and have a lot of fun. (I also honestly can't really compete in craftsmanship anymore as I don't have the capabilities of making huge ornate armor and whatever)

But this. This is NOT cosplay. This show looks like it will show us the "Toddlers and Tiaras" version of cosplay. This is NOT what we do. This is not what I do.

I am embarrassed that this show exists. I am going to be more embarrassed by friends and relatives and coworkers who will watch this and go "OH THAT'S WHAT YOU DO ON THOSE WEEKENDS" and then ask me about all the "drama" I deal with. And then I will have to spend weeks/months/holidays de-programming them to understand what I do.  AGAIN.

(Although I do feel really bad for the contestants - apparently it sounded like they were tired of all this crap too)

Long story short, DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. 

And please stop sending me links. I will only tell you how awful the show will be, and that I am refusing to watch it. I can say I've never been so glad to not have cable for once...


  1. I think one contestant on the show is male -- Jesse, maybe? Assuming my memory is right, wow do I feel sorry for him.

    That aside, I agree with you 100%. I guess this is what we can expect from a station that renamed itself Syfy.

    1. If so... that poor man. D: He gets all the sympathy.

      There was a trailer going around FB today that even from just the comments I did NOT want to watch. It just looks so *terrible*...

  2. This makes me all the more convinced that our lack of cable is a good thing.

    I hate when this sort of thing happens. The minute a "documentary" comes about something remotely geeky, all the stupid rears its ugly head, effectively ruining things for people who do said thing but aren't about the drama...erg...

    I may look at the trailer just see how much of a train wreck it will be...

  3. I definitely give them props for trying, but yeah. Instead of a "documentary" it's more of a "reality show" where they just want drama and ratings. Booo.

    There was a quote on FB somewhere where somebody said, if they REALLY wanted to be accurate to cosplayers, they'd show 4 friends sitting on a couch watching TV. One pauses and goes "Um. Hey, when's the con?" another replies "Uhhh this friday?" Then they all freak out for 3 days and make costumes. :P

    To anybody who DOES watch some of it, I'm curious on how actual bad it is. I don't have cable so I can't actually see it...

  4. Ha ha ha! Now that's a show I would watch!

  5. As someone who has been watching the show (purely for curiosity's sake), I can assure you that I have seen worse on TV than HoC. On the other hand, I think the editing for drama is over the top. I was really hoping when this came out that we'd get to see how these people build and/or construct their costumes. Instead, it brings out all of the negativity and drama that there is in the cosplay world, and very little of the good parts. Not to mention, it's supposed to be "famous" cosplayers, and the only person on here I've heard of is Yaya.

    Another gripe I have is that these folks all have access to crazy amounts of equipment and resources. Let's be a little more realistic here. What about the cosplayers who don't live in huge cities like LA and Atlanta? Those of us who only have access to JoAnn Fabrics, AC Moore, Michael's, and the like? Or those of us who cosplay while still taking care of daily life (ie. kids, school, work, relationships?)

    I guess I'm disappointed because it was an idea with such potential, and SyFy squandered it.

    1. Oh! Thank you so much for chiming in. I've been honestly curious about the show.

      It's a shame they went for the drama, rather than an actual display of what goes on. :(

      And yes, I totally concur with your gripe about resources! It always bugs me when you see these amazing outfits, and they try to tell you how they did it, and it starts with "Go into your work area with giant power tools and get out your bandsaw".

      I shall concur with your disappointment. It could have been really cool, but noooooo, alas.