June 26, 2013

Life Updates and Convention Babble!

Hey! So, lots of things happen. I will continue to apologize for not posting until I start posting more often. I, unfortunately, come from the age of people who think that my day-to-day stuff is actually kind of boring and that people might not want to know what sort of cool, mundane, stuff I do each day.

But that's what blogging's about, isn't it? Well, I'm trying to get better! Because, frankly, talking business stuff, tutorials, and the like all the time is BORING. So I'm gonna chat at you about what's going on in my world!

BIG NEWS: I have a new addition to my artistic tools here at Crash Bang Labs!

For those not in the know, I've been complaining about my computer for quite sometime as I now have a process that requires like 3 programs open and working at the same time. So I saved up, and used a lot of the money I earned at ACEN to have a friend of mine build me this wonderful desktop:

I had no idea it'd glow!

I've named him JARVIS, and honestly, this was before I knew he'd be red and black, with a glowing red fan. I also had forgotten I had a chibi Iron Man bobble head that could perch on top. It all just kind of fits which is a great sign.

I also hadn't had a new monitor since around 2000 when LCD screens were starting to be made. So my old screen was a whopping 13" diagonal size. REALLY TINY. Imagine trying to work Photoshop on one of those. AND it was all washed out. So I took some of the OTHER funding I saved up, and bought myself a monitor.

I feel like I have to turn my head to see the whole screen...
This new one's a GIANTIC 22" diagonal monitor. Which, I've never had one this large. It's so amazing how much I can fit on there and still work on things.  Just how big is all this? Well, see that little tablet like thing on the right of the computer tower? That's my 12WX Cintiq Tablet. It dwarfs the tablet.

So needless to say, this is why I haven't updated in a few days - I was busy transferring all my files and figuring out where this beast like machine was supposed to go.

And while I complain I had to move a lot of stuff around, this thing runs like a DREAM. I can't wait to work on bigger projects on this now.

....and run FFXIV at full resolution. :P HEY. I'm allowed to have some fun too, right?

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