June 18, 2013

Colossal Con 2013 Cosplay Roundup!

Well! Sorry for the long delay, got mired in Final Fantasy XIV beta some things over the weekend and I didn't get the chance to post my cosplay photography roundup from Colossal Con!

Since I was only visiting for one day, I played the role of not only a cosplayer, but a PHOTOG. So I tried to get some really nice pics for people. :)

If you'd like to see them a bit larger, check my new Flickr Gallery for COLOSSAL CON 2013!

Otherwise, here they are in small form! :)

Alibibi Alibooboo ALIBABA and Morigana fromMagi Labyrinth of Magic

Cloud Strife from FFVII (though I think this versions from another game...?)

Princess Vanellope! Don't cut my head off! Pleeeeeeease!

Princess Kagyuuuuuuu I don't remember how to spell it.
From Sailor Moon!

I think they're from Fire Emblem?

A lovely Zack Fair from FF VII

Prince Albert and Oh-jeez-I-can't-remember-the-princess's-name-I'm-awful

Odette from Swan Princess - She'd be fun to make myself one day!

Mary and Stein

A lot of Organization Peoples. Probably even 13 of them!

Zombie Princesses OH NOES. Move along, nothing to see here, you'll probably starve here...

A lovely close up of the Mary and Stein!

OKAY now I'm all caught up. Mayhaps I'll finally blog about things OTHER than conventions next, okay? :)

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