April 20, 2013

Shuto Con Cosplay and Commission Round-Up!

Because my post got really long, I wanted to feature a post of the couple of other cosplays I took a picture of, along with the commissions I worked on! All my commissions can be seen on the Crash Bang Labs facebook page.


Here's the few costumes I snapped a pic of.

Namely because I saw them and went OMG I NEED THAT.

First off, is this lovely lady from Madoka Magica - it's the first witch they fight. This was ingenious and it made me smile! It looks JUST like the creature from the show.

Next up, was one of my new favorite characters: NORTH from Rise of the Guardians.

Even had the big booming voice. I'm still determined to make this for Aris one of these days. He's super tall, I just need to make him a padded suit since he's really skinny.

*ahem* Anyway, enjoy this awesome photo!


Here are the commissions I worked on during and after the show:

Hubert and Pascal, Tales of Graces

Sollux and Dave, Homestuck

My Alice picture, but with Alice in the Country of Hearts

A Tiger Boy

A "Cherry Pug"

Characters from a Webcomic called Inverse
(the artist actually commissioned this)

Another Sollux from Homestuck

Customer's Original Character

And then I had one straggler at Anime Park...

America and England from Hetalia
Outlining, Yeah. I still got it. *flexes*

And thus ends my run on conventions! Hopefully I'll have some fabulous pictures from Anime Central (I've got some fun stuff planned).

Expect more updates more frequently as I'm catching up on all this stuff!


  1. Have I ever mentioned your line work makes me drool with happy?

  2. Thank you for posting my North Cosplay! That makes me so happy that you noticed the voice too *blush* He was a really fun character to be for a day. Thanks again.

    1. You're welcome! I loved your outfit! :D I couldn't help but post it.