April 20, 2013

Shuto Con Cosplay and Commission Round-Up!

Because my post got really long, I wanted to feature a post of the couple of other cosplays I took a picture of, along with the commissions I worked on! All my commissions can be seen on the Crash Bang Labs facebook page.


Here's the few costumes I snapped a pic of.

Namely because I saw them and went OMG I NEED THAT.

First off, is this lovely lady from Madoka Magica - it's the first witch they fight. This was ingenious and it made me smile! It looks JUST like the creature from the show.

Next up, was one of my new favorite characters: NORTH from Rise of the Guardians.

Even had the big booming voice. I'm still determined to make this for Aris one of these days. He's super tall, I just need to make him a padded suit since he's really skinny.

*ahem* Anyway, enjoy this awesome photo!


Here are the commissions I worked on during and after the show:

Hubert and Pascal, Tales of Graces

Sollux and Dave, Homestuck

My Alice picture, but with Alice in the Country of Hearts

A Tiger Boy

A "Cherry Pug"

Characters from a Webcomic called Inverse
(the artist actually commissioned this)

Another Sollux from Homestuck

Customer's Original Character

And then I had one straggler at Anime Park...

America and England from Hetalia
Outlining, Yeah. I still got it. *flexes*

And thus ends my run on conventions! Hopefully I'll have some fabulous pictures from Anime Central (I've got some fun stuff planned).

Expect more updates more frequently as I'm catching up on all this stuff!

April 19, 2013

Post Convention Wrap Up - Shuto Con & Anime Park

As if all that traveling wasn't enough, I had another convention coming up: SHUTO CON. Three days of finish up badges and packing all my things, we headed out to Shuto Con.


Shuto Con came and went like a blur for me! But this is a good thing.

We arrived on Thursday to check into the rooms. We were staying in the main convention hotel which for me is usually a must when it comes to doing Artist's Alley. I definitely felt like being lazy this convention so I brought some easy cosplays as well as even going in regular clothing on Sunday (but at least I wore a wig, so I was "dressed up" technically). I was just so tired from all the traveling and cosplay I decided I needed to take it easy.

Anyway, I was Vriska on Friday (what a choice! haha). We set up the booth and started vending. It had been a good month since Katsucon (and I didn't spend a lot of time at the booth at that show due to WCS), so it felt good to sit down and actually vend my artwork again!

I'm not wearing my armsock thingies because I was using markers.
After a short crisis due to forgotten signs and a last minute run to Fed Ex in Lansing, we were able to get everything set up. I have a lot more prints now, and it appears to both Aris and I that prints are becoming in vogue again. So I'm working on a lot more for the booth.

Friday I helped with a "So you want to be in a Costume Contest" panel (which was fun because I got to be the "real life judge they could talk to") so hopefully we helped some people out! Then the alley closed pretty late (later than I'm used to) and I got set up and ready for a new panel called ART JAM! It was two an a half hours they gave me with the big workshop room, and anybody could come in for a nice quiet time.

I was also working on a commission as you can see from my marker vats...

I had quite a few people come to the panel, which I was surprised about because it was so late (9:30 to midnight!). So that made me very happy. I think a lot of people just liked being able to come in and relax in a quiet room for a while, which I was totally okay with. There were lots of markers, colored pencils and supplies floating around so people could draw if they didn't have sketchbooks with them.

One person even brought their laptop and tablet! That was pretty ingenious.

I closed that up, and went back to the room. Thankfully due to my terrible sleep the night before, I was exhausted and fell right asleep. (And yes, I did wear the makeup all day, and yes, I did wash it off properly before sleeping. Makeup remover wipes for the WIN)

Saturday came, and I was dressed again in Alibaba (what can I say, he's really comfy!), and this time around I had a Sinbad and Jafar hanging out with me too. They were my roommates, who also happen to be part of Sanddiver Studios. They do awesome work, and we'll be together again at ACEN so hopefully I'll have more pictures.

I helped out with some cosplay panels during the day, and then later that evening was the masq (I was still working the booth at that time).

Rajamitsu as Jafar

I have to admit (with a little bit of pride) that Samaru's Jafar outfit he created won BEST IN SHOW at Shuto Con. So, you're not allowed to gripe about lack of awards, y'hear! YOU DO GOOD WORK. Trust me, I know these things.

Samaru (Sinbad) and Rajamitsu (Jafar) accepting the awards

Then after we all got together again, I had two MORE panels to do. Hahahaha. I think somebody was taking pictures while I was presenting so I hope maybe I can find them.

I was giving my Time in a Box and Her Legs are How Long panels. The first is where I talk about how to make comics awesome, the second is a lecture then follow the leader exercise in drawing people. I spend about half the time talking about how people are proportioned, and tips you can use to make sure your characters are okay looking, and the second half is me doing a step by step drawing.

We had brought a VGA splitter (thank you Samaru!), but we were feeding to televisions, so thankfully my laptop had an HDMI port, but it made display very awkward. Thankfully they got us an extra cord and I could run my Cintiq directly to the monitor. It sounds very complicated and it was, and thankfully I had another comptuer person there to help me because I was so brain addled from selling I didn't know WHAT way was up or down.

Both panels were PACKED. I was so pleasantly surprised (especially with it being so late). I'm glad that people appeared to have a great time, and got all inspired to do art. I'm hoping to maybe make some posts talking about stuff from those panels up here in further detail.

I just love talking about art.

Anyway, Sunday came (we got smart and woke up SUPER early, packed the car, then went and slept more so we didn't have to be caught by the elevators being full of AnimeKidstm) and we did our last day of selling.

I was so exhausted by the end, we just packed up and went home as soon as everything died down that afternoon. I apologize to anybody who wanted to say bye! I was about to collapse so we just packed it up and called it a day around 3:30. (we left around 4).

I had a bunch of commissions to work on, and another convention coming up in about 5 days! OH NOES.


Anime Park is a small one-day convention put on by my old High School's Anime Club.

It's pretty non-descript, we showed up early in the morning, set up, sold for about 8 hours, and then went home. :) I wore a pretty blue wig in a braid and sat around and drew a lot. Sold some things, made back my table and more, and sat around and chatted with a friend of mine and her boyfriend.

Future sister in law came by, dressed up as Ellen from Tangerine Wings, which was super awesome - I wish I had remembered to get my OWN pic before she headed out. Thankfully I think she's got one.

I'd put pictures up here, but I was so tired I forgot to take any. BLAH.

Had some good Ramen at a local restaurant, and then went home.

FINALLY. I was done.

The next show isn't until Mid May (Anime Central, 17-19), so now I have some time to finish those commissions and cosplays and the like. WHEW.

April 17, 2013

Post Convention Wrap Up: Anime Matsuri!

Sorry for the long absence guys, but I've been pretty busy the past couple of weekends. Okay, more like 3 weekends! So I'm here to start catching you up. The places I've been were Anime Matsuri in Texas, Shuto Con in Michigan, and then Anime Park at a local high school I used to attend!

So let's start at the beginning:


My adventures with Anime Matsuri (henceforth written as AM) are all in relation to my adventures in World Cosplay Summit. It was pretty crazy, but overall I had a good time, and met a lot of awesome people.

The adventure began when my partner and I headed out to get on our plane to Texas. I haven't flown in probably around 5 years, and I was scared. But I had some dramamine on my side. :)

We had to finagle a way to take all our set with us, and we came up with a pretty ingenious way to do so. Thankfully we got to check the cardboard box and pick it up at the end.

We had our connectors, and hopped in a cab, and then proceeded to the hotel. We were at a Hyatt downtown, which had pretty posh rooms, and was kind of empty until all the convention attendees started arriving.

It was then pretty much like being packed in like sardines.

It was wall to wall people for pretty much the entire weekend. Which was great because having a lot of people is good for the convention. It was BAD because of the crazy layout of the hotel. It was certainly NOT conducive to any sort of wandering as we were all forced to the edges with weird walkways that only fit a few people across.

The dealer hall was in the basement, which I never got any pics of. It was weird having it down there (it took us half a day to even FIND it!)

Inbetween all the traveling, I got to go to a lot of cool hangouts with the rest of the WCS contestants, and it was so wonderful. I felt really bashful, and some of my social anxieties kicked in (too many people + insecurity at meeting new people), so I didn't really talk a lot. But they were really cool, and by the end of the weekend I had a lot more friends and my facebook feed is a lot busier now!

A good bit of us on Friday, at a Tapas Restaurant.

I visited a Tapas restaurant for the first time. Which apparently is like going to a restaurant and buying a bunch of appetizers and sharing it with everybody. The menu was in mostly Spanish with a English descriptions of what was in it. Not being well-versed in Spanish, I tried my darndest to pronounce my order, and the waiter said "You did good!" so my broken Spanish made somebody smile, hahaha.

It was good food! I'll have to try others if I ever visit one again.

On Saturday I went around dressed as Alibaba, and got swept up in a spontaneous photoshoot for Magi. (Spontaneous = I saw another Alibaba in the elevator and they said "HEY PHOTOSHOOT AT NOON").

There were no Aladdin cosplayers, so we improvised with this other Aladdin.

We then went to a cool panel about WCS being put on by previous winners. It was pretty neat.

I helped out with a photoshoot my partner was in that afternoon, and then as the evening came we got our sets ready in the greenroom (after a lot of strife regarding other background stuff and them not letting us into the proper greenroom area. It was a big ol' mess, so yeah. not commenting.)

Sunday we woke up early to go to rehearsal, as well as then change, and do the final performance. It was really a giant whirlwind of stuff, so I don't have any actual photos of it. But you can probably find it all over Facebook under "World Cosplay Summit".

All the performances were so lovely and inspiring it was awesome to watch. We didn't win, but that's okay, because we'll just try again next time (and the first place team had been trying for a few years, so it's nice they finally were able to win).

After that, we headed home on Monday, had another bout of connecting flights, and I didn't get home until about 10:30 that night. I was tired!

But my adventure wasn't over yet...

I had 3 days to prepare my booth for Shutocon in Lansing that was coming that weekend!

....but that's another story for another day :)

April 8, 2013

Convention Posts Incoming!

Hey guys! It's just me letting you know to expect a post about mid-week. I've been at conventions for the past two weekends (and have another single day event this saturday, talk about BAD PLANNING! :P)

I'm finishing up my commissions as well as decompressing from the convention.

It always takes me at least a day to recover mostly because I was around so many people I just want to be alone for like, 24 hours. :) I promise I'm not ignoring you!

I'm just resting.

Be back in a day or so!