March 22, 2013

In which I pretend to be a teacher again

So those panels I'm giving at Shuto Con in a couple of weeks have been giving me grief. Okay, well two of them have the other one's a fun 2.5 hours of doodling with whoever passes by.

Mostly the "Time in a Box" panel. And it's not for typical reasons. You know the "I don't know what to talk about" or "I'm not sure what they'd want to know", etc...

This is me at my computer every time I try to write this panel

I am having trouble because I am trying to pack my 18 years of on-off comic research into 50 minutes.

There are so many important things when it comes to drawing and making comics that I'm having difficulties breaking it down to the bare minimum without confusing my audience.

And what's even WORSE is that if you don't pay attention to some of these things your comic will go from Awesome to Unreadable.

So that's why I've been a little quiet lately. I'm trying to write it in an outline format leaving myself notes and then I'll pare it down for the final Power Point I'll be using.

But damn. I'm gonna be talking 90 miles an hour at this rate...

Chances are also very likely I'll be posting tidbits of the panel up here later. Because I can't help but talk about art and stuff.


  1. Woooo panel tibits! I'm getting even more excited for this!

    Now if I could just suck it up and sew my cosplay costume without panic, the pre-Shuto Con dancing would be easier.

    ~dances anyway~

    I am sorry that the comic panel is getting to you. I'm sure you'll make it work ^_^

    1. hehehe, I'll probably elaborate on stuff I overview in the panel itself. Maybe link to some really good examples of online comics. I wrote up the latest outline and it came to about 5 pages of typing. Whoops.

      I know that Cosplay Dance! Keep working! You can do it! :)

  2. Sounds like every time I've been given a time/page limit for an assignment. Five to ten pages you say? Try twenty. You are in good company.

    Thanks for the encouragement. It's turned out really well once I decided Burda has no idea what its talking about when it comes to sewing gathers with elastic thread. next time I'm winding it in the bobbin instead of trying to sew over it...oy!