January 14, 2013

Shameless Self-Promotion and other Artistic Ramblings

Time for another weekly update, along with some shameless self promotion! What else could you ask for in a post? (Okay a lot more, but we're not going to go into that, okaaaaaay?)


It's Shiny!
So in case you haven't noticed, I've finally started plastering my new logo on ALL THE SITES. I probably agonized over this for way too long. After deciding to keep the name "Crash Bang Labs" until further notice (I realized while "Smart Pumpkin" was an awesome name.... I did NOT want an orange booth all year round), I wanted to refine the image so it would appear better on things.

Namely, that pesky spool of thread had to go. It was cute, and I DO sew things, however, that's not what my art business is really about. I draw comics and pictures, and want to sell books and the like. It also turned into a giant BLOB of ink when I would shrink it down for things like business cards. Not good, I say, not good.

Oh, and for those curious, I went with an "Art Deco" feel because that's pretty much the font I've been using, and frankly anything "Art Nouveau" feels way over used, and too flowery for what I do. (shelves art nouveau rant for later)

Holy Art Explosion Batman!

I don't know what's happened lately I blame having a convention finally appearing in a little over a month but I've been on a drawing spree. Which has been AWESOME, cause I've been stuck in a rut forever.

I'd be so lost without that color chart!
I hope to start picking back up on Sky's End itself, as you can see from the picture above. I'll have to honestly admit, that the holiday season thoroughly destroyed me physically and mentally (and I didn't even get a cold through it either), and I think I just didn't have much willpower to do ANYTHING creative.

As Seen on DeviantArt
But now, now, I have the artist alley drive as things ramp up for the convention season. That, and I realized that my booth hasn't changed much in several months, so it's time for some new products! I'm also getting some new business cards and promotional cards for the shows as well.

And who knows? Maybe I'll start back up my HOW DO I ARTIST ALLEY series of posts. Seems plausible.

In which I babble a lot about art.

Shuto Con isn't until the beginning of April, but I do have some fun news for you! I will not only be co-presenting on 3 cosplay panels with a cosplay cohort of mine, but I am also providing the service of THREE BRAND-NEW ART-BASED PANELS!

That's right. ART. PANELS. I think this is something that is sorely missing in the convention world, espcially with how much I see people drawing at them! Be it in the alley or otherwise.  So I'm going to start giving art and comic based panels and see how they go.

I'm no master, but I can at least help point people in the right direction! And now, for your perusal, are my descriptions of the panels (with links to the Shuto forums):

Time in a Box: Tips for Comic Panel Layout
A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a terrible layout only spells disaster! Join Crash Bang Labs for a discussion panel about Comic Panel layouts and composition. Whether you’re drawing a single comic strip or a full chapter book, the tips and tricks in this panel will help you tell your story your way!

Her Legs are HOW Long? An Interactive Panel on Drawing Properly Proportioned People
Having trouble drawing people, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn? Join Crash Bang Labs for an interactive panel on drawing human body proportions! The first half of the panel we’ll discuss proportions, and show examples from comics and animation, and the second half we’ll do some follow-along exercises where we draw a basic male and female! Sketchbooks are encouraged, but basic paper and pencils will be available for those who don’t carry art supplies with them.

ART JAM (Rules are listed under the forum)
Do you like to draw? Want a quiet place to doodle for a while? Then join us for ART JAM! What is ART JAM? Well, it's an open panel where you can come in, and work in your own sketchbook or with the art supplies provided (pencils and paper). Feel free to work on your own picture, or draw one of our still lifes provided!


Did you know Crash Bang Labs has a facebook page?

You can find it at: facebook.com/CrashBangLabStudio

I'm working on promoting more stuff on there, and actually updating people on what I work on and conventions I go to. It's apparently what all the kids are into these days, so I caved and decided that yeah, I guess I needed to do it.

Otherwise, I tend to hide on Facebook (too much drama from long ago has burned me on the site, so I keep my personal stuff to a minimum).

OKAY! I think that's enough for the next couple of days. Someday I'll make shorter posts....

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