January 10, 2013


Well, I'm a couple days late to the new year, but I wish you all a HAPPY one as well!

Truth be said, I'm always horrifically exhausted around this time of year. From the two weeks before Christmas up through the first weekend in January, I spend more of my week and weekends traveling to see people. Not that seeing people is bad, but when they all wait for the SAME time period (it's a holiday, yo!) I get very mentally exhausted. So I'll apologize for the moment if I get a little cranky or down.

However, to try not to be so down, I'd like to start off the year on a fresh, if not hilarious, foot!

I'm still in the process of figuring out what to do on which day (as the Holidays have managed to bungle up my schedule nicely) which is why the comic came to another standing halt. I actually ran out of time to even barely draw and it's making me anxious.

Let's start with what I want to accomplish (not a complete list mind you)

Projects on Dock

1.) Tangerine Wings #2 and more
Really, this is just me finding the time to sit down and draw it. I actually have a good idea where things are going now, but in making sure I can still function I have been making badges like crazy and they have taken over my life. Hopefully after this week I'll have a better schedule.

2.) Art Book
I'm tired of trying to make prints to sell. I mean, I'll still have SOME around, but until I can get better at using the Photoshops, or have more full color marker work, I don't think my prints will sell much. I'll still try on those though.

I'm also running out of space on my wall, and what do I like to collect? ARTBOOKS. So why not start to make one? I plan for it to be relatively good sized (there will be a lot of sketches in it too on top of full color ones). This first one I'm going to devote to all my old tabletop/RP characters. I have a lot of them.

3.) Finish that Hoenn Set
I've finally figured out how I want those badges to work. Just need to sculpt them now.

4.) Pick up Sky's End again
Don't worry. It's coming. Namely, once my final bout of traveling is done. I just know that I need to work extra hard later this year to have like a month of buffer just to fill the space during the Holidays at the end of the year.


Currently, I am now confirmed for my first three conventions of the year:

KATSUCON (February 15-17)
SHUTOCON (April 5-7th)

I will be in the artist alley at all three of these conventions, at Katsucon I'll also be participating in the World Cosplay Summit, at Shutocon I hope to be also giving some art panels (more details on that later), and Anime Central I'll be in their alley again!


I wanted to save the best part of the post for last. If anybody has been paying attention, you know I keep ALL the sketchbooks that I've had ever. Needless to say, that's a lotta books.

And these are just the 9x12 ones!
(I also think this isn't all of those ones either)
However, my constant looking through them, trying to find characters and specific pictures have started to deteriorate them. In hopes of saving them, I am now going through book-by-book and scanning in the pages. I am also searching for a good photo organization program that I can tag all these pictures with keywords for ease of searching too.

Needless to say, it's been a bit of a source of entertainment for me - as some of these old pictures are REALLY bad compared to what I can draw now.

Some still stand the test of time, but a lot of my doodles from back in the day... oh the noses, the long necks and the HORRIBLY disproportional legs. When I come across a set of good examples, I'll show y'all on here.

That's about it from me right now. I need to go and work on some more art things!

Oh. And sunday was my birthday! Yay!

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