November 6, 2012

Youmacon Side Note: Background on Experience

In case any other Youmacon staff or attendees read my blog (if so, HI! Welcome to the blog! *waves*)

Just as an addendum to my post regarding my Youmacon experience:

It may look like I was rather harsh on the Masquerade judging process in my recap post, and before anybody comes in to accuse me of being a sore loser or a whiner, I wanted to state that I was honestly just concerned for the fairness of the competition.

I myself have been competing in Masquerade competitions since around 2003. I've lost a LOT of competitions in those years. (9 years now for those counting). I've competed at big cons, and I've competed at small cons.

I actually ran a pretty strict, non-biased competition for 3 years which ran scores based on a mathmatical rubric of requirements (categories with a 1-5 score). Our contestants won through math, and a lot of those winners were from things I had never heard of.

I had to turn a way a lot of great costumes because they did not fit the category requirements the convention set for me.

Like I said in my post before this, I don't mind losing at all. I just prefer to lose fairly, and to awesome work rather than feel like we've been jostled, forgotten, or put down due to our choice because it wasn't "popular".


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  1. I read your Youmacon recap and my thought about the judging was that you were looking at it from the perspective of a judge. What you would look at and how you would judge.
    The fact that you lost was almost a non-issue. (I always say almost because I am not you, I don't know what you are thinking... could you imagine two of you... wow... sorry I am so distractable today... ooo butterfly, no really I noticed a butterfly hair clip on my dresser.)
    You hold your standards for judging for everyone and that is a good thing. A really good thing, in my opinion.