November 20, 2012

My Very First Black Friday, Cyber Monday

I had quite the busy weekend this past weekend between giving a class and visiting my mom for her birthday, and cleaning the house from top to bottom (but not in that particular order). Unfortunately, while I was doing all this I went into what Dave calls "Convention Mode". Where my body runs completely on adrenaline and I can perform great feats of strength or endurance, and put it off for three days, and then the day after the "convention" I am a dead corpse on the couch.

Hence why there was no update for you guys. So very sorry about that! I was able to finally update the comic late on Monday Afternoon. I will be working on the next for Wednesdays post, but I might have a short filler on Friday as I have been busy. Well, even more busy....

For the first time in a long time, I'm getting nervous about Thanksgiving. Not because I have to visit family, but because I'm worried I'll sell out again of the badge sets I'm making.

Kanto badges before painting and/or pinbacks

So by now, I have all sorts of badge sets in various stages all in random locations in the house. SORRY DAVE.

Drying Johto Badges

I'm hoping I can keep enough in stock to take a break around January to make new products, and gear up for the year's conventions. While I may not want to survive on making cosplay props such as these (I'd rather survive on the 2-D art, but one step at a time, no?), they're still sort of fun to make, even if my arm dies from them now and again. What can I say, I like making people happy!

Just recently sanded and rinsed resin badges.

Anyway, I'm just leaving this post here to let people know I'm probably going to be busy over the weekend making sure I can fill orders and the like. I will apologize ahead of time, as I am unable to offer any "special deals" this year around. Firstly, I'm not sure exactly how to do that in the store, and secondly, I don't know what kind of "extras" people might like.

Empty boxes and pinbacks!

I had contemplated making some pins to pack in there, but I just plain ran out of time. Had I not been a corpse, I might have been able to get away with it.

These are my pre-cut inserts. I used to do this by hand.
Okay, I got friends to cut all the little slits, but that's cause I destroyed my arm when I did it myself.

I am also contemplating opening up "Emergency Christmas Sketch Card Commissions", but I want to knock a couple of outstanding commissions before I open that up (and I can get examples ready).

ANY suggestions are welcome. I like to make things people want to see. Yanno, for those times when I'm not working on Sky's End, Tangerine Wings, Alley Dwellers or any other random projects I have in my list. I like to keep busy!

WHEW. Okay. Back to the office to work more. I have outlining I need to finish! :)

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