October 26, 2012

When Plans Go Astray

Hey y'all.

Yeah. Haven't updated in a week. Shocking. BUT WAIT DON'T GO I HAVE A REASON!

So if you've been paying attention to the Facebook page, you may have noticed I've been a little.... busy with creating things lately.

For those keeping score, Youmacon approaches in about one week, and my regular plans have, of course, gone astray from what they originally were.

We have a couple of friends coming in from Indy who have wanted to see the convention, so even when I decided not to Vend, I'd still be attending the convention. No big, I'll use the time to get some great pictures of my costumes, right? Right.

So both the Indy friends and my new Cosplay Cohort LunaLadyofLight talk to me and they're all "Oh we're gonna try to be in the masq, you should totally join us and we can hang out in the green room!" Well, that seems feasible. I was going to make Dave a really nice costume and use that as my entry (and I would have a coordinated costume - which I made already a while back to be as an 'accessory').

Well, we went fabric shopping and could NOT find any of the colors we needed (apparently bright blues are really hard to find right now *grumblesaboutseasons*). So Dave switched up what he'd want to wear (and it was something that was still relatively "easy"). However, this meant that I did not have anything to enter the masq with that I felt ... comfortable with.

Why you ask? Well, it's because I am pretty much now required to enter the "master" category - I have at least 6 major awards under my belt (first places in various categories and one best in show), and I did win 1st Journeyman at ACEN. I'd feel like I was cheating the system if I jumped back down to Journeyman, and I am not that kind of person. I believe in a fair fight.

Now I'm not expecting to win anything in Master, but I at least wanted to give them a run for their money. Make something that seemed worthy of being in that category.

I blame Karen for this.

And here's where my friend Rya (Karen) comes in. She lead me to an anime and manga titled "Magi: Labyrinth of Magic" and I fell head over heels for the whole thing. I read all of the manga available in one weekend, and I have seen the eps so far. (I will so be buying this when it comes out in book form here!)

How does this all fit in? Well I'm making one of the character's costumes for the masq. Namely, the guy with the blonde hair - Alibaba.

I've learned a lot so far in making it. I've learned how to properly make spikes in a wig, how to do a 4-strand corded braid, and I've unlocked more propmaking skills than I've ever had before! So yay!

Also, before anybody says anything, yes, his costume is simple-ish. However, I am choosing particular types of fabrics (woven looking linens and the like) to give an authentic feel AND I'm making a kickin' knife to go with it.

So here's where I'm up to so far:

Shirt, neck thing, and sash.

The Knife so far.

The wig! Oh the wig!
I'll try to post a pic once it's done. As you can obviously guess, my picture of the week has been postponed, so yeah! Once Youma's over, we'll rekindle that idea.

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