October 15, 2012

Theme of the Week Recap, New, and How I Forgot To Update

Oh my goodness. It's been busy over here. Which is why I did not update on Friday. Sorry guys. Here I am, trying to get a better posting habit. I really need to write these ahead of time.

Anyway, thanks to those who read my "Depression Post", as it's something that affects a ton of people (even if we don't show it), so a little empathy goes a LONG way.


So the last couple week's theme was "Pumpkins"! And I actually drew a picture that related. I know. Gasp in shock now.

My entry for this theme was "Nutmeg, the Pumpkin Fairy", who is the fairy I made for the Renaissance Festival long ago. She's super fun to dress up as, and dang, is she cute.

I don't color on the computer. WTF did this come from??

This pic is special cause I have a very difficult time coloring on the computer. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it, and sometimes the computer lags (I also don't like Paint Tool Sai, I've tried it, and we didn't get along so well, so please don't recommend it).

I also drew the entire thing on the computer too. So yay for two milestones!

...did you know it's almost impossible to draw a fairy that's NOT in a pinup style pose? UGH. It too me forever to just get this one.

But I digress!

Here's my other entry I received:

Doctor of Phabric - Pumpkin Muffins - It's made of pumpkins, it STILL COUNTS! Woohoo!

NEXT WEEKS THEME (Oct 15 - 26)


That's right! Be it ghosts, witches, zombies, candy, or dressing up in costume, anything that makes you think of Halloween is what I'm looking for!

In other other news, I got myself a new how to draw book, and it's be amazing for coloring in stuff. It inspired me to draw and color in this:

That's right, this is all done in Copic Markers. Needless to say, I was really happy with how it turned out. If I did a review of the book, would anybody be interested? I'd love to start reviewing How-To-Draw books, and make recommendations on what to use and what to stay away from.

I'll be back soon!


  1. I would love some how-to-draw book reviews, if not for me then for my little cousin who wants to learn to draw. Colours hate me especially, so anything you can recommend on colouing would be awesome!


    I'd also love to see some how-to book reviews too. I have a bunch that helped me very little so it would be nice to see reviews before I go shopping again!