October 1, 2012

Theme of the Week 10/2 - 10/12

Hey all! Welcome any newcomers to the blog. I met a lot of lovely people at the American Sewing Expo over the weekend. Hi guys! *waves*

In other news,  I'm finally getting comic stuff under way, let's hope my ability sticks around for longer than a day, no?

But the rest of you know what time it is (no, not Adventure Time), it's THEME OF THE WEEK... week... week... week...

This Week's Theme is...


Well, gee. What did you think I was going to pick?? It's finally October, and I. LOVE. PUMPKINS! (yet surprisingly don't like pumpkin pie. Huh.)

So go make some cute pumpkin based things! YAY FALL!!

Alright I'm of to do some cleaning, then working, and hopefully getting some pics done for you guys. Egh! I feel so behind.

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